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Originally Posted by tehprognoob
lol, Union Flag.
Besides the railgun there's almost nothing of its weaponset for doing heavy damage. So fragile it's not even funny.
I disagree on the comparison between Realdo and Flag, though. V-Vac is far, far more useful than Reload Up for Flag. Any decent player should conserve ammo, but with V-Vac, if you get hit by, say, a stun rifle or get caught by an Aps I, you're okay. Especially stun, which means you're out in t he open, frozen for a second. For fragile little C ranks V-Vac is lovely beyond comparison. Okay, Reload is godly skill, too, but railgun loading is fine without it. It's not a gatling or flashlight; you're not going to spam it.
You do bring up a good point with that; with Stun and Boost Down as options, it is good to have V-vaccine. I still defend my choice of skill, however, because most boost-down causing mechs (most, not all) are melee type units, so if they catch you with it you're effectively screwed anyway, and there really aren't enough C/B rank units with stun for me to say that V-vaccine is more useful. In my experience with the Flag, while you don't attempt to spam w2 like a flashlight, I've always ended up needing the skill to keep playing effectively. Maybe it's my play style, but I do prefer reload up over V-vaccine. Plus, on top of that, you can always throw in a vaccine part to take the place of V-vaccine, so I my argument is still for Reload Up.

Originally Posted by Retune

Jegan outdoes the Flag at everything it does. SERIOUSLY.
No arguing that the Flag is not the best C-rank scissors out there; it really is an average C-rank, and I won't argue that. The Flag is mostly for players who like playing C-ranks with high-speed ballistics with a little splash damage and for anybody who has watched 00 and has some nostalgic value for the Flag.

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