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...And he left just like that.

"Really... He didn't even pay for his drinks..."

Finir dumped the amount in gold of his and Drake's expenses, maybe even more. "Keep the change."

He looked to Nimi, who was too busy watching the 'cute' man run off, in some sort of daydreaming way. The azure dragon shook his head.

"Nimi," Finir ordered, "Drink up. We don't know what we're dealing with here."

"Hmm... Huh, What? Oh! Right!" The water elemental rushed herself over to her glass of water and finished it off. As she did, she slightly grew in size.

"Thank you, Mr. Vaugn," Finir said with a bow. "I appreciate your hospitality."

The large Dragonkin ducked through the entrance and folded his wings to get through, and Nimi waved good-bye as she flew after her master.


Already, Drake was increasing distance from the Dragonkin as he strode along the rooftops toward the pyramids, but he disappeared as he fell among the buildings. Of course, nothing is as fast as a flying dragon determined to catch up.

Finir and Nimi did just that. After all, if there were some sort of monsters around a burial site, Finir would have to report it and record also what they were doing there and what they looked like. And, if the monsters were undead or alive.

The Dragonkin indeed caught up with Drake, but saw him paired up with another man. Either way, he allowed himself to fall heavily into the sand, but made sure to land a little further away, his chains rattling all the while.

"If you're going to see what's over at the pyramids," Finir stated as he strode his giant form toward his smaller comrade, "you may as well take me along. It's part of my assignment after all. I didn't sight any monsters when I first went earlier today."

As soon as Nimi fell to ground level, she looked at the other young man. Upon seeing his dirty form, she sprayed him with a jet of water, nearly getting Drake wet as well.


"It's a reflex! I can't help it!"

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