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The textures around him pulled at his visible skin as he stirred in his makeshift bed. Slowly rising up, with a loud yawn. The warm sun blocked out by the umbrella that was lucky over the thing he used as a bed. Which so happened to be a cabbage cart filled with cabbages. Though, that's what the texture felt like to him, and what the waves told him. He slowly looked around, a useless gesture, as he had no eye sight, but it helped him notice the waves of people walki-

The body of one person walking to the cart alerted him. A female. One he remembered. One that he only met once, but would never forget. The waves made it sure it was the red head that made him blind. That memory. he couldn't help but be forced to relive that memory.

It was just after he had done a mercenary job, and as a way to kick back, he went to a bar. Little did he know, in that same bar he went to, was a red head, that would get very violent when drunk. So violent in fact, it took three people to hold her down. Himself being one of them. Though, unknown to him. She was holding a fork, one that found its way right into his eye. Since then, he had to live with only one way. For about three days. Since three days later, while still getting used to his lack of sight, he tripped and landed on a rock. Thus making his other eye useless.

Though luckily for him, he was in the area of a temple of monks. Monks which took him in and taught him how to see with what they called, his minds eye. Though in order to develop this. He had to go through months of being treated as a race horse, forced to carry around the monks, place from place with no shoes, to get familiar to different terrain. Being under a freezing waterfall to hear the sounds beyond the water. Being forced to sit extremely near a fire. He had no idea what that did to help. But by the end of it all, he could see the waves of life. Which sucked. He could no longer stare at women!

That last though, snapped him back. This was when he felt a slight breath on him. Someone standing next to him. Too close for comfort.

"MY CABBAGES!" the sudden yell startled him, and caused him to fall out of the cart, thus dropping the cabbages. He quickly got up, dusting himself off, and returned with his own yell.





"WHAT HAVE I DONE TO YOUR CABBAGES?!" with that, noticing that this would take a while, he chased down the red head, and followed her into a store of sorts. He, instead of being rational, kicked the door down, and made a show of himself. "I, OLIFEN, SWEAR TO GET MY REVENGE ON THE GIRL WITH THE RED FLAMES FROM HELL IN HER HAIR."