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Default [MSoTW] [22/08~29/08] Union Flag

It's a little early, but I won't have network for a few days. It's my first shot at this, so here's hoping it's satisfactory.
Union Flag

HP - 9.3
Def - 10.8
SP - 12.3
Speed - 17.1
Attack - 12.3
Agi - 14.4

Weapon Setup
Weapon 1: Plasma Blade (4 hits to knock down, 800 dmg) – Decent reach and the animation on all of it’s pre-knockdown strikes are smooth, making for easy SS, and the swing has a fair amount of reach on the Z axis: It’s no SRC, but it is good to catch papers trying to jump out of your range.
Weapon 2: 120mm Linear Rifle (Twelve ammo, slight splash damage, medium reload, 1000 dmg) – The damage is average for a C-rank scissors and the shot counts as a ballistic but travels quickly. The weapon also has a slight splash radius, which makes it easier to land hits and damage opponents hiding just behind a corner.
Weapon 3: 20mm Machine Gun (12 ammo, 5-shot burst, fast reload, 100 x5 dmg) – By and large the game’s filler weapon, the Flag’s ‘vulcans’ are no exception. Terrible range, low damage, and only good for adding minor damage while w2 reloads.

Mobility Up – Agility +4.5, speed +2.4, and movement speed up 10%.
Reload Up – Decreases reload time by 50%.

Pros and Cons
~ W2. Ballistic, good damage, good flight time, and enough of a splash radius to hit enemies behind thin cover or hiding just around the corner.
~ Surprisingly smooth melee. Despite being a scissors, this is a huge plus. The Union Flag’s melee is solid all around, making it a good option for rescuing allies and giving it a fair chance at standing toe to toe with a rock if push comes to shove.
~ Reload up. On a unit that relies on a ranged weapon for most of its damage, this skill is GOD.

~ Very fragile; a single melee combo from most rocks will rip the suit to pieces.
~ Its boost. Like most C-rank scissors, the Union Flag’s boost is terrible. If you aren’t close to friendly units and a rock is on the chase, it’s gg.
~ W3. The only real purpose for this weapon is buying time for w2 to reload and being easier to use than w2 at close range due to the minute animation. The damage doesn’t come close to comparing to w2 even if all the shots hit, making this weapon complete filler.

Option 1 – Snipe
The unit has a long enough range and fast enough travel time that you can ‘snipe’ an opponent to death. Like most weapons that are carried in a single hand, you don’t have to come completely out from behind cover to fire this weapon. This tactic provides survivability while still doing some damage, giving you more time to abuse w2.
Option 2 – Shadowing
This is my preferred tactic. Like most scissors, the Union Flag has good support fire and supplements damage well. This often requires the player to spend a little more time in the open being shot at, but it gets you closer to your team’s rocks and covering players while also allowing the team to cover you. It also allows for the Flag to play a ‘savior’ role, rescuing teammates from enemy rocks with its surprisingly good melee.

Build Suggestions
C/OC attack. This bumps a C4 Flag’s attack up to a solid 24.0 at OC6, and is the only worthwhile build imo; the higher the damage per shot, the less work your allies have to do to deal the finishing blow, and the overall damage outweighs any benefits from any other possible builds. Plus, since w1 is often used to save teammates, the added damage on the melee is also a plus.

Union Realdo –While the effects of Reload Up are better than Vaccine-V between these two units, the skill is still very good, and Attack up is much better than Mobility Up. The only downsides are that the Realdo only has ten shots instead of twelve with w2, and without reload up as a skill the Realdo suffers from not being able to fire as many shots in sequence as its successor. Other than that, w3 has a higher damage output and longer range than the vulcans, and causes slow. The Realdo also has a ranged special, which gives it a further advantage over the Flag. In the end, the Realdo is mildly better, but overall they still stand on the same level.
GM II (AEUG) – Something akin to the beam-wielding counterpart to the Union Flag, the GM II (AEUG)’s weapon set has the same base damage that the Union Flag’s do. The real difference lies in its skills: where the Flag has Mobility Up and Reload Up, GM instead has Infinite Ammo: w2 (C) and Attack up. While Infinite Ammo is a nice skill to have, by the time the skill is active, the suit is often doomed to be shot down before it gets to use it effectively. Attack up good skill to have, pushing the attack stat on GM II (AEUG) 1.5 points higher than the Flag’s once the skill kicks in with all points into attack on both units. On the other hand, the fact that the GM’s main damage dealer is a beam gives it a severe weakness to Laminate Armor and I-field.
GM Ground Type – This is a bit of an unfair comparison. With Defense Up giving it survivability and Communications Commander assisting the entire team, the skills alone make this suit more useful. The Machine Gun has decent damage, fast firing, and a crap ton of ammo on top of a fast reload. The Flag’s damage outmatches the machine gun per shot, but with the extra ammo on top of it, GM Ground Type gets about the same damage overall as the Flag. And then there’s the Missile Launcher. Three shots, medium reload, homing, and great damage; there is nothing not to like about this weapon. Unlike the Flag’s vulcans, the Missile Launcher is a very good third weapon, giving this suit just one more option to play with.

Gameplay Videos

The Union flag is a solid C-rank scissors that plays like almost every other C-rank scissors. It’s not outstanding in any way, but it isn’t lacking in any way either. Though not the best out there, it does well as a mook unit. I’d suggest it for anybody who has any nostalgic value for Graham Aker or the Flag Fighters.

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