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"I was chosen as one of the many units to scour Midgard's major burial sites. Similar units are in Utgard and Asgard. See if this...'plague' had affected the recent dead...and maybe even the ancient dead, if they're not completely dust already. It's just to see how broad a scope we're dealing with." The azure dragon reached into one of his pouches tethered by his sash and pulled out a small notepad.

"The findings aren't favorable. I've gotten reports from my comrades that the more recent dead have vanished from their graves, as if they weren't buried there at all. What I've found in the tombs over that those pyramids--" Finir pointed a claw in the pyramids' direction. "--is a sign of some relief."

"Yeah," Nimi added, reforming herself back into her original form "Y'see, we looked inside the sarcophagi in this one room, and all of the dead bodies...seemed to be in tact. For the most part. And there were no life signs detected as well. Shoot, I tapped one's arm and it crumbled to dust." The water elemental shuddered at the thought with a 'Euch.'

"So, yes. I sealed off each of those pyramids for good measure. It's good to know that this disease doesn't affect what is already dead, or already decayed away beyond recovery. The host must be living first, which I guess means that whatever is doing this needs life essence first before causing death. Unless taking said life essence is the cause of death."

Finir caressed his chin with one claw in thought. "Though, that doesn't explain why it would reuse this life essence for the sake of a disappearing act of the people who're connected to the deceased, and have seen the deceased..."

"Perhaps it doesn't reuse it at all, and maybe they're just very convincing reanimated corpses used to steal away relatives," Nimi added.

"Perhaps...but steal away to where?"
"...Somewhere where they can be harvested...?"

Finir looked with a skeptical expression, and Nimi only shruged.

"Hey, it's possible, Blue Boy."

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