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Originally Posted by BliztForever
Recently I've been playing a few maps currently only existing in KR, one of them being that HUGE water map (Onogoro Island) is giving me great trouble...

For the record, I ALWAYS lose when this map is chosen, wait no, more like whenever this map is picked I instantly became a noob.

Sometimes when the enemy is standing on the middle part right in the open, so I jumped up and start shooting too, in the end only to lose all my boost and slowly, helplessly, dropped to the ground...if I could...(usually got killed before even touching ground >.>)

Weis who was playing me in that map said there seems to be way to use the "V descend" method, but I didn't find out how...

Also there seems to be some booster looking thing near the wall, are those usable or something?

Shameful to say, a few times when playing this map, using Freedom/S Zeta, I died twice less than 50 secs...Orz
Can't give you much advise since I suck balls on that map too, but there's a few things I can tell you.

The "V descend" method isn't the same V like in space. In space, you descend like MAs and descend relatively fast. In water, when you press V it accelerates your descend but at a much slower pace. Even if it is a tiny bit faster, those extra few seconds can save your life.

For the booster pads, you have to destroy something first. The things you have to destroy are some switch thing, which is located inside the middle square of the map. In order to access the inside of the map, you need to break the doors which are in front of your spawn. They take quite a bit of melee hits to break.

Once you're inside, you will see these blue and red lines. These lines are according to your booster pad color. In the middle, you will see 2 switches. Melee these switches (takes about 5 hits) to destroy them and unlock the booster pad for your spawn.

When you go on the booster pad, you will reach the top of the map which is 1/5 land. There you can use suits with good homings like Rau Dinn and Reborns to rain down on people.
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