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Default Strenz's Leveling Guide 1~80

I've Noticed That There Haven't Been Many Leveling Guides In Latale So I Have Decided To Make My Own, Here Goes! This Guide Is For Warriors But Also Works For Other Classes (Mainly Because I WAS A Warrior)

[Level 1~10 - Step Into The Latale World]

Congratz! You Have Made Your First Character, Now Just Grind on Prirings, Beetles or Blue Wolves and Finish All The Belos Quests ASAP.

Easy Right?

[Lvl 10~30 - Quests, Quests and More Quests]

If You Have 200k To Spare, Then Buy The Guild Scroll From Shubur And Finish Your GQ's With Other Guild Mates. That Shud Level You To Lvl 25. If Not Then Do An Assortment Of Quests in Elias and Yong Guong. Make Sure To Do The Ones With Red "!" Instead Of The Grey Ones. If You're Stuck Then Refer To Pie's Quest Guide (Level Sorted) And Fine Some Quests That U Can Do.

Once You're Lvl 30 You Can Move On To Grinding

[Lvl 30-40 - Grinding At Spooky Village]

Now You're Read For Some Grinding . Find A Party Of 3-4, Try To Find A Tank So That The Rest Of The Party Members Don't Die. So Where Is Spooky Village? It's At Red Crop Storage, At The Right Top Corner. Enter the Lvl 30 Portal.


The First Map Is Wisps Lvl 30, I Don't Recommend Grinding Here Unless A Party Member Bails And Now You Only Have a Party of 2-3. The Wisps Are SP Sucking Vampires They Don't Do A Lot Of HP Dmg Tho. Killing These Aren't Easy Because U Can Easily Run Out Of SP.

Animated Jars

The Next Map Is Animated Jars Lvl 33, Don't Do ANYTHING On This Map. The Animated Jars Hit Quick And Hard. Try Not To Lag Out, Because Getting To The Next Map is Like Maplestory's Jump Quests (Only Worse ) You Have To Jump On The Platforms When U First Enter The Map. If Ur Lucky Then There Are Only 1-2 Jars On The Platforms And You Can Easily Jump Thro Them And Then To The Right Top Corner. But If You're Unlucky Then There R 3-4 Jars On The Platforms. Now Pray That The Jars R On Holiday And None Of The Party Members Lag Out. (Trust Me, I've Died Many Times Here)

Night Goblins

This Is The Main Grinding Area. When You First Enter The Map, There'll Be 1 Goblin Standing On The Platform, Once You Move Down Then There Are 2 Goblins. The Basic Rotation Is Killing The 2 Goblins In The Middle Platform, Then Climbing Up The Rope To Kill The Lonely Goblin And Then Finally Back Down To The Middle Platform.

*Note* If You Get Tired Of The Middle Platform, Then U Can Try The Bottom Floor, Beware the Goblins

Items To Bring:

3x Stacks of Hp, SP, Combo Pots
Iron Wills
XP Nostrums, Potions (Optional)

Congratulations! You're Lvl 40 Now!

Take A 5 Min Break or Something.

[40-50 Super Pigs!]

I Have To Admit, These Levels Were My Favorite. Just Find A Party Of 2-3 And Start Frying Some Super Pigs At Toad Forest. While Killing Them, Do The Toad Forest Quests As Well. There's Really Not Much To Say.

Just Get A Few Stacks of HP, SP, Combo Pots
Iron Wills
XP Nostrums and Potions (U Might Need Some Of These Now)

[50-60 The Realm Of The Dinosaurs]

Leveling From Here Starts To Get Very Slow So Be Prepared To Get Some XP Potions!

Move To Elfa and Go Into The Pyramid. There Shud Be A Portal That Leads Into Stonetalon Village (Just Check The Map, U'll See It)

Finish The Quests There And You Shud Be At Least Lvl 52-54. Now Move To Saurus Forest 2. Grind On The Strong Stegos There. As A Warrior I Found The Stegos Quite Easy, But Beware The Huge Brontosaurus Foot.

Grind Here Until Lvl 58-60

Yay U've Passed The "Slump"

Take a Break


Now, You Can Move To The Spooky Village Lvl 60 Portal. It's Basically The Same As Lvl 30 Portal But The Animated Jars Hit Harder And Faster ... Yeah So Try Not To Die (Get Some Iron Wills). Now, You Shud Get At Least A Few Enhanced XP Potions. Grab A Party of 4 (1 Tank 3 DPS-ers or 1 Tank 2 DPS-ers and 1 Healer). Same As The Lvl 30 Portal Just Grind on the Middle Platform and Top Platform. Once Your Party Reaches Lvl 70+, You Can Move To The Bottom Floor. At The Bottom Right You Will See A Small Platform With 2 Goblins, I Suggest Aggro-ing Them And Pulling Them Down To The Bottom Floor Because If The Gobs Fall, Then The XP Will Cripple I Think Around A 3-4 Mob Of Goblins Should Work Out Pretty Well.

[76-78 Lilliput!]

Now You're Tired Of Killing Goblins So Let's Move On To Lilliput Quests. Go To Ves And Accept All The Lilliput Quests You Can Get. (There's Also One In The Restaurant That Gives You XP For Talking To The NPC At Lilliput, Repeatable 3 Times, I Suggest Doing It). Once You're Done These Quests You Shud Be Lvl 78.

*Note* To Get To Lilliput Go To Jungle 5 and On The Far Right, There Will Be A Portal Saying "Jump Into Mysterious Hole"

[78-80 Toad Mountain]

Take A Break, Relax A While. We're Gonna Get You Promoted! Find A High Level Latale Player Level 120-200. To Finish Every Single Toad Mountain Quest Except For Dragon Warrior Rabana That Makes You Get A Event Item Form Rabana. Once You're Done That You SHOULD Be Lvl 80!

If Not, Just Grind At Lilliput Fields For A While.


Job Advancement:

Go To Atlantis, Keep Going Right. If You Look At Your Map, You'll See "Class Change Center". Go There And Voila, Face The Goblin Machine. Take Off Your Equips And Jump Down The Tunnel. There Should Be A Popup Asking What Class You Want To Pick, And Information For Each Class. Pick Your Class And *Ding* CONGRATZ ON JOB ADVANCING.


Uploaded with

I Hope You All Enjoyed This Guide. Gd Luck On Getting To Lvl 80 And Job Advancing.

All Of This Is Based On My Experience

Edit 30/10/2011:

-Added Job Advancement
-Added Picture

Latale: Hidden Street

Future Edits:
-Add More Pictures

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