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"Nice...whatchamacall it?" Drake stated.

Nimi looked as if she were offended.

"Ah--! You don't know what I am?! Finir, is this guy ignorant? I don't think it's just terrible memory that's the problem, but maybe an extra chromosome."

"Nimi, enough," the azure dragon bellowed with a hellish glare and firm voice. The water elemental puffed up her cheeks and turned away in frustration, but indeed kept quiet as ordered by the chained Dragonkin. "I apologize, Drake. She isn't always the most patient... She is indeed, however, a water elemental. A creature born purely of mana that flows among the bodies of water in this world."

"That's right," Nimi interjected as she whisked into Drake's face. "And, if you're wondering, the reason why I'm white instead of the usual blue is because I was born of sea foam, and that's pretty rare! Sea foam water elementals are among the strongest of the other water elementals. I was especially assigned to Blue Boy here so that his might can be combined with my ma--Hey, he's kinda cute when you get a good loo--"

"Furthermore," Finir interrupted, "many elementals volunteered for a sort of weapons project going on now in Ploshast-- special training that gives elementals the ability to turn into physical weapons. Nimi?"

"You got it!" The water elemental whooshed back to a spacious spot in the tavern. She clasped her hands together in front of her chest and closed her eyes. Her form started to extend diagonally into watery forms of what seemed like veins and nerve endings. The sound of waves crashing into rock faces came as if the tavern itself were at the edge of a rock face outside, with the sea before it. It came into the form of a rather large axe that even Finir would have to wield with two claws. The water phased into physical form, then retracted the blade head of the axe down the pole until it was mid-way between the handle area and the pole end. It floated until it reached Finir's back, latching on magically.

"This, my friend," Finir stated, "Is the result of Ploshast's study of the elementals and mana."


(Just in case you don't know what the [Switch] axe looks like)

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