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You're thinking people are basing this off their day 1 PvP experience in NA DN. There are foreign versions of DN, and that's where people get their info and experience from. Of course people know about the balance and content in the future, we're taking it from the foreign version.

Moonlords are pretty god damn good in almost everything though. A tornado set up will destroy you. Their zoning is almost bar none (Snipers and Artillery are the contenders here), due to the huge range AND AoE of their skills, not to mention the damage. They have the required skills to be excellent at both far, mid, and close range.

Many online games don't fix balancing even when it's obviously needed. The few that attempt to are horrible at it. There are hardly any that can actually balance well. 3rd jobs have been out for a couple of months in the foreign servers now, I haven't heard of any balance patches since then, so I'm assuming there wasn't one. Nexon is on a roll and is updating their games very quickly, so I wouldn't be surprised to have the 3rd job patch in a few months. Chances are, Moonlords aren't getting a nerf/other classes aren't getting a buff.

And finally,

So Honestly, I can't accuse while being a lvl 24 with 1 day of pvp. And I'm not even frustrated over what you think, but the way and how you think.
Likewise can be said, you can drop the high horse act and attack the argument, not the person.