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Originally Posted by RoflKnife
People say they're broken cause they're THEORETICALLY broken. Weaknesses? What weaknesses? Moonlords cover everything. If there's a weakness other classes have, they're already theoretically not as great as Moonlords, unless their strengths outweigh their weaknesses enough.

If you just completely rely on results and nothing else, your view will also be biased and skewed.

As for why they aren't on the top 10, because in a tournament setting, despite people wanting to win, they will not always choose the best character. Not a surefire reason, but a possibility. The Evo2011 BlazBlue results had only 1 player in the top 8 using the "broken" character, and they didn't even win. Some people are just incredibly, incredibly, good, able to overtake the advantage their opponents have and come out on top with a character not as good.

This is rated PvP too, so it would be helpful if we could find the results of tournaments instead.
Ofcourse, Moonlords WOULD be OP if they have less weaknesses than every other class and more strengths as well... but

What do WE know about the game or balance at higher levels to judge who is OP and who isnt?

What do we know about the strengths and weaknesses of tier 2 classes after they evolved? Have you played against many moonlords? Have you played as a moonlord?

For gods sake, pvp being out for a day in NA with lvl 24 cap and we already know who is OP and who isnt at lvl 50

Also, I never said I base my judgments purely off of results. I am not accusing any character of being OP. I try to consider all aspects because making a judgement, and even then, I think of it as an opinion and not a fact. Have you considered that.. Moonlords may have some bit of everything, but specialize in nothing? Mercs dominate front up. Acro escapes and short combos. Elementalists spam AOEs and elemental effects. Paladins blocking attacks like a monster. Jack of all trades, master of none.

I don't like to accuse. I really don't, especially if its a negative. Thats why it frustrates me how we know so much about pvp balance for classes and later levels as lvl 24s who only witnessed 1 day of pvp.

also.. this is an online and changing game. There are patches and updates for this popular game... If Moonlords are so broken, developers can nerf them. If Moonlords are so OP, by the time we get third tier, they should be quieted down somewhat( if they are OP). The developers probably want to balance the game, even adding differences to pvp and pve components of skills.

As someone who has witnessed so many changes in perspectives as one rises through the ranks, I can say I know almost nothing about pvp in this game...

Lunia, back when beta. Siegs were getting dominated at early lvls. So I made a dainn and went on to pwning pvp ... until I reached lvl 60( was like 5th lvl 60 dainn) and faced Siegs like Zyris, xvertigo, and shadow, who uses nados, IH, and do loads of damage with nado combos while I feel my lvl 50+ skills are way subpar.

Same with League of Legends( though I sold my main account), when I stared, Ryze + Yi so OP for 1 v 1. New players, thats where 1 v 1 mattered the most. Then Riot changes Ryze because he is not viable for high elo play/1?! Then, I rise through the ranks, seeing so many shifts and changes.

Even last time I check League. 1400- Omg rammus so op do everything. 1400-1600 ban amumu pls #1 everything. 1600-1800 Mordekaiser OP at this elo please ban, #1 in brasil. 1800-2000, omg gg they got pirate. 2k+ omg you didnt ban fiddle?? PICK JANNA NOW.
There are just so many different perspectives and changes due to your skill level while balance should be revolving around high elo.

So Honestly, I can't accuse while being a lvl 24 with 1 day of pvp. And I'm not even frustrated over what you think, but the way and how you think.

Its like sheeps ready to believe, and ready to be led by another Hitler. It wasn't Hitler who is fully responsible for the massacres; Hitler led, the people committed. Educated people, smart people, dumb ones, lawyers, doctors, people from all aspects part of life gullible just because they believe opinions as facts, and ready to stand up for what they believe in. 70 years ago and now... current news and history

won't reply anymore since I have already stated my point.
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