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Originally Posted by Nihil679
Because tier-whoring doesn't give auto-win if you suck ass compared to a stronger player.

e.g., Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, 70% of Yuns suck ass because they're tier-*****s even though everyone knows Yun is OP as shit.
not sure what that had to do with this arguement...we are not talking about the average user, but the top players. If Yun is OP( considering other characters are not), then there must be Yun players among top players( as in those who have the highest chance of winning since skill is subjective) unless there are bannings of Yun or restrictions placed upon them

If you are saying moonlord players are shit and thats why there is 0 moonlords in top 10 for both China and Korea, then again, as I previously said, you are assuming all moonlords are not that good in Korea and China.

Come on! Its a swordsman!!! The Swordsman class is about like the most populated character in most games that have them. China DFO is like filled with Slayers last time I checked. To assume that moonlords are not in top 10 in a competitive massively playerbased( for asia) game, though being of desirable class and OP, is preposterous!

Especially when you think about the mindset of a lot of top competitive pvp players. They WANT to win. This is why I am making an acrobat because they get so strong later and fun as well. If a class is OP in pvp, smart and fast learners will play him.
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