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why doesnt someone who has everything and theoretically the best win tournies and be top 10 then... it just doesnt make sense if you view it that way, an unbiased factual way.

anyways, no point in arguing if no aruging with results. There are way too many factors in an actual pvp to point out. Theoretically, acrobats have tons of escapes to keep their enemies at bay and drain away their hp. Theoretically, Paladins can block face on attacks then combo warriors. You can't say theoretically the best if you fail to list their weaknesses to other classes or fail to list other classes strong points.

Someone on Dragonnestsource replied that moonlords are in neither top 10 because all the moonlords in China and Korea are not that good( because NA pvpers wil be miracle moonlords). Assumptions.. Assumptions. assumptions turned into fake facts in the back of their mind to support their view.

Gonna get my acrobat to 24 today.
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