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"We ought to get back to the town, master," a light, watery voice suggested, "This sun is becoming more intense by the second, and it feels like I'm evaporating. Oh, please, master, may we go back and get some water?"

A twisting body of white water in the form of a small mermaid shifted itself to and fro in a frantic manner, its full turquoise eyes filled with a bit of childish urgency. She was addressing her master: a towering azure figure, armored only around major vital points held fast with decorative chains and well-crafted emblems at the chest, the triceps, and lower legs. His violet, white tipped mane was as spiked as a hedgehog's back, extending down from his head all the way down his back to the base of his bladed tail.

The figure turned around and met the water elemental's eyes with its orange infernos.

"Yes," Finir mumbled with his jagged maw, "We've been out here long enough, I'm sure. Shoot, we both may as well take a bath. Scales drying out too fast and all."

"Oh, goody, master!" The water elemental exclaimed, "This pyramid stuff was getting boring. Let's find something fun to do after we rest." The azure dragon couldn't help but chuckle at her demeanor.

"We will, Nimi." The azure dragon formed a water orb in his palm, and the elemental gladly threw herself to it as her whites mixed in with the magic's blue. With a great wingbeat, Finir lifted off from the pyramid he had explored earlier that day. He was sure that the disease didn't get this far quite yet.

After a little while, he reached the ragtag town he had visited earlier. In particular, he visited and stayed at the mercenary's tavern the night before. Even the news of the disease had come this far.

The azure dragon had to bend downward through the doorway upon entering, and, just like the day before, he bumped his head against the top of the threshold and made a grunting noise, then hissed at his own clumsiness. The water elemental came out of her water orb simply cracking up.

"Oh, master," she said between her laughter, "You are--shishi--just too big for this town altogether! You may as well just sit on it! In fact--"

"'You're so tall, you could sell shade.' Yeah, I know." Finir grumbled at her exaggeration, but then quickly turned to the present barkeep, Mr. Vaugn., taking a seat beside a scarlet-haired stranger.

"Good to see you again, Mr. Vaugn. Two extra large glasses of water when you have time, please."

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