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Default Midnight Fantasia


The silent howl of the icy winds resounds in my ears.

What's that you say?

We're free?

After all these years?... After all those millennia? Did he forgive us? Or does he intend to try and drown us and all those maggots a second time?

Haha... I don't know what to think of all this... Sandalphon and the Metatron... Perhaps this time around you both will learn your place... You are no better then those human worms, after all.

You both originally were human, after all.


Well then, shall we have some fun?


"What the hell are you on!?" the red haired girl slammed her fist on the old, worn bar counter. The glasses on the counter jingled against one another and perhaps may have even gotten a bit of air-time there. Either way, even that old dusty bar with cheesy paintings and crap around had a fair number of customers. And one in particular was pissed off.

The bartender scoffed as he washed the glass in his hand with an old cloth, "What, little lady? You deaf?"

"..." the girl bit down on her lip, "... People coming back to life... That's just... Not logical!"

"Haha, well, think whatever you want," the bartender shook his head, "You're from overseas, right? Well I don't know how things roll over there, but over here that illness the demons and angels brought with them here is still abundant and going on strong... What was it called again? Not like it matters."

The red head groaned, "Really... Then again, demons and angels don't make much sense either, and they're pretty real..."

"Exactly, now chin up and don't seem so surprised, little lady," the bartender reached for one of the clean glasses on the back counter and filled it with crystal clear water. He handed it to the girl, "And coming to a bar for a glass of water? You sure are strange."

"Sorry, I've been on the road for a while and just got in town not too long ago," the girl took the glass and swallowed a few gulps of water. The crisp, cool liquid was delicious and made the taste of sand go away in her mouth. Travelling in deserts sucked. "Thanks, sir."

"Don't mention it," the man replied, "Anyways will you be staying the night in town?"


"Well there's an inn about ten minutes walk away from here... To the east. If you get lost looking for it I'm sure one of the townspeople would be glad to point you in the right direction."

"Okay," the red head took another drink of water, "Oh yeah, are there any shops around that sell old parts for machines?"

The bartender rubbed his chin a bit in thought, "Hm... Well, down the street is one. Not sure if they have what you're looking for though..."

The girl got up from her seat and chugged the rest of the water. She slammed the glass down on the counter and shrugged her bag over her shoulder in a rush, "Okay, thanks a bunch, old man!"

"H-hey!" And out the door the girl was... That was quick, "... Young-ins these days..."


The dusty streets of the desert town of Amberk were packed with people doing their daily errands. A woman washing clothing on the front porch, a man working on various wooden crafts and charms to ward off bad luck and the like... Though rather shabby, the town had a homely feel to it. Though it was very foreign at the same time considering that this particular man grew up in the world of the demons. The human world was interesting to say in the least, though. In the distance grand pyramids stood, falling apart due to time yet still grand

The man's deep scarlet eyes danced here and there, taking in his surroundings and trying to find what is was he was looking for here. It was definitely something important, but he can't quite remember what it was. Well I'm sure I'll remember soon enough, the demon man mused as he walked onwards. Might as well grab a bite to eat while I'm here. I gotta get to... What was it dad called it... Greece? Well whatever it's called now, that's where he had to go next.

"Excuse me, sir!" another red head abrumptly brushed past the man and was running on to where ever she was headed.

"Seems like she's in a rush," the demon man muttered to himself and continued walking, "... Oh right, I was supposed to drop by the mercenery's tavern here." The man reached into his old coat pocket and pulled out a small, folded sheet of paper. I have a job here, after all...

It didn't take long after asking a few people where the mercenary tavern was. Once he got there the bartender turned to face the man and greeted him, "Welcome."

"Hey," the demon gave the bartender a slight nod before taking a seat at the fornt counter, "You're Mr. Vaugn, right?"

"That's right," the bartender set down the glass he was cleaning and got a close look at the newcomer, "Scarlet eyes and hair... And is that a tail akin to the Fiend in legend? You must be Drake."

Drake pulled off his hood and gave the man a slight smirk, "Yeah. Oh, and give me a shot of vodka. We have some things to discuss."


"Wait... Where did he say that shop was again?" The girl pouted slightly and turned to look around more, "... Geez... I guess I need to ask someone for directions at this point..." the redhead sighed and walked on to find someone to ask for directions.

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