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Senike is just really niceSenike is just really niceSenike is just really niceSenike is just really nice

Originally Posted by Ascherit
oh goodness Senie those are GORGEOUS

you've improved a LOT! omgasdf I am jealous of all the details in the Ao no Exorcist CG forreals. I LOVE THE WAY YOU COLOR HAIR. It's so shiny and pretty +_+

and the one with two OC's is hawt I like that you're drawing more full-body pics rather than just busts/headshots

do you still take requests? :>
Ahhh Gina 8D;; it's been awhile! And thanks a lot haha, that recent AnE picture was alittle special xD I wanted to try drawing out some details for a change, so I spent quite some time on that ;_;. And after colouring buttload of my own linearts, I think I finally adapted to a colouring style that I enjoy haha. But thank you!

And sorry Gina, I'm not taking any requests atm ;_; /too much WIPs to work on. I've abandoned half of them OTLL--drawing too much things at once

Oh I actually have one more fullbody drawing I did I forgot to post xD
Originally Posted by Shnao
You've gotten a lot better, Snekishi, a whole lot better. d(--,) I like the first one the most, looks like a ton of effort+time
as well.

Happy to see you still lurk around here and haven't drifted off and disappeared into the huge internet sea.
Naoiii <3 It's been so long T_T;; I still remember the days we enjoyed Gunbound and LaTale together haha, Good memories. But life is too busy for me atm, all I could do is draw and read--no more time for games ;_;. But thank you! Your artworks have gotten a lot better, I still lurk in your art threda once in awhile 8D;;
Originally Posted by Kiraii
/Lurking this thread..
You're amazing.
You've improved a lot and I enjoy looking at your artworks.
Keep it up!
Thanks! And yeah xD Glad I improved over the years!

Originally Posted by moffit
I saw that shading- especially the hair and the first one in general- and now I need to change my panties.
I HAVE SOME IN MY DORE---wait--LOL. But haha, thanks for your compliments! I enjoy colouring and drawing hair most, it takes me the shortest amount of time 8D;; that hair colouring in the AnE pic only took me 15 minutes 8D;;

But anyways, here's one more drawing I forgot to post. It's a fullbody original character that I designed for a Roleplay group on deviantart. His name is Butter Valkyria xD