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Finir reacted quickly as he was blown back and motioned his claws downward, then back up like a wave. As he did this a wall of water came forth and countered against the flames Fortunata conjured at him and the Sins. Seemed like he was engrossed with them again.

The mana wave from Beelzebub caught Finir off guard, but as a reflex, he encased himself in an ice crystal to lessen the impact, and let himself fall back aways. Once he gathered his bearings, he released the barrier and skid to a stop. Once again, the atmosphere was getting heavy, but this time around his energy, along with everyone else's was getting sapped. As a result, Beelzebub created an Axe from all this absorption. And it was coming his way no less from his wild swings!

"Gah!" Finir layed down flat on his back as the Axe's tip wooshed over him, barely above the end of his muzzle. He took a few large breathes before getting up again.

'An Axe...Hmm. That reminds me of the weapon project going on at home...But I won't make it back if this keeps up. Those blasted people over at Beelzebub need to hit those focal points already. WITHOUT magic...'

The Sins began to unleash a combination attack against Fortunata. With the way they were moving, he'd have to get his shots in between attacks. But then again no one was attacking from above...

The azure dragon amassed a large water orb in his palm and threw it up in the air and an equally large spinning snowball as well. He pointed at Fortunata, and off they went! The two orbs were attacking Fortunata from above with water and ice attacks! Those would prove to be pesky, he was sure. Still, the azure dragon wanted to get at least one punch on Fortunata's face.


What? Oshi--!!

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