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Frigga watched as Grandison went to go join the others and the battle and turned to Makoto. She had to make sure he wouldn't try to interfere with the battle if he spontaniously woke up and what not. With a simple whisper binds of magic wrapped themselves around his wrists and... Wait, the ring on his finger... Frigga rose a brow and took the ring from Makoto's finger. It bore a strong resemblence to the ones that Lucifer stole from the treasury of the realm of the Supreme God... She'd investigate later and quickly slipped the ring inbetween her breasts. ( herp )

Drake quickly backed away from Beelzebub, all the while watching what it was Anna was doing. It looked like she was taping bombs to the fat bastard with... duct tape? What. Either way Drake was staying clear of that and didn't feel up to blowing himself up with that lummux. He decided to back off, what with the mana gathering as we--


He's absorbing mana from everyone in the party!?

All the attacks from everyone aimed at Beelzebub are being absorbed... Drake mused.

"Right, well," Bianca didn't waver at all in reply to the sins, "Defeating the Phantasms are also part of our mission too. And... No, nevermind..." Bianca turned her gaze from the sins to Beelzebub, "Even if I did explain to you all, you wouldn't believe me."

"Is that so?" Fortunata laughed, "And you're still calling us fakes? Aren't you all so funny! Looks like you're all so proud of your title of being human sins..." As everyone who was intent to beat her up forwarded their attacks in her direction, a fierce wave of flames and dark magics blew the opposition backwards, followed up by sparks of flames bringing forth deadly flame spirals towards the sins and Finir, "Little do you know you're nothing more then fakes yourself. You were given power but that's it! You don't truely represent your sins properly to begin with and are nothing more then Sin's toys! Made out of petty desperation to be like her father, if anything..." Fortunata spat to the side as flames surrounded her very form, "Did you know? Phantasms are born of people's sin, and are the raw form of it. Me and my siblings were created from the raw sins of Lucifer and the other fallen angels!"

"Oh," Romeo blinked as he quickly cut through the flames, "She spoke the truth."

"Sin wouldn't be happy to hear that..." Charlie laughed somewhat timidly.

"You're nothing more then humans... Then pathetic worms being manipulated by Sin," Fortunata growled, "... It matters not in the end. Oh, by the way... The whole killing your sisters in Lucifer's control thing? He possesses their souls now. Nice going, falling for his trick there. Looks like you're just as easily manipulated by your spiritual 'grandfather', huh?" She laughed, after finishing a sentence whose words were like venomous knives.

Meanwhile back at the Beelzebub group!

The mana which beelzebub had been gathering shot forth, blowing everyone away! (includes the Fortunata fighters) From the mana formed a grand axe, and whatever mana lingered in the room caused everyone to feel... Weaker, heavier... Not to mention mana was still being drained from their bodies. This not only did that but also blew away Anna's detnator!

Ludo staggered back up onto his feet and attempted to use his own magic to counterteh debuff from Beelzebub. If he had all his magic restored, this would be a cakewalk, but... No, don't think about that now.

"Let's just hurry and finish this," Ludo straightened up, trying to ignore the dark magics from Beelzebub. He fired a wisp of lightning at Fortunata, and proceeded to follow up with manipulating the water around him to strike Fortunata down with high pressure streams.

Bianca and the angels also got back up onto their feet, and quickly got into battle positions. Charlie and Romeo went for Fortunata with Ludo, and the others were facing off with Beelzebub, who was now striking down towards them and the others with the mighty blade.

"We can't put up with this much longer!" Maya exclaimed as she just barely avoided the axe's blade by a few inches, "If he continues to suck up our mana then if he doesn't get us with his weapon we'll go down thanks to mana deprivation!"

Drake wasn't doing as bad compared to the others when it came to the gravity and weakening magics. After all dark elemental magic was right up his alley and he (mostly) knew the in's and out's of it. Including the magic that effected the physical attributes of others. Unfortunately he couldn't do way to much, what with Beelzebub swinging the axe around like crazy and with the bombs strapped to him. Cause well, being blown up would suck and all.

OOC: sorry for slowness, dragon nest and yu-gi-oh etc

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