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Default hardcoreforever's Frantz Guide

This guide is interesting to share here. Thanks hardcoreforever!

Originally Posted by hardcoreforever

This is a small guide that I have made for those who want to know more about Frantz but do not have the time to play him. I will include the skills, my personal build and input of PvE and PvP in this guide.

I'm sure there are plenty of others builds people will rely on, so I don't mind if people do not like certain things or do not agree with what I do, that's okay, I personally find Frantz pretty beast with how I play him! So let's go.

Story of Frantz:

Frantz is a hybrid human-vampire and one of the playable characters in Rusty Hearts. He holds a strong grudge against Lord Vlad and wields a pair of blades (or a Great Axe depending on his weapon specialization.)

His fiancee, Amelia , was turned into a Vampire by Frantz in the process of trying to save her life after a fatal accident. Soon thereafter, Amelia disappeared and Frantz has made it his mission to find out what happened to his beloved fiance. Teaming up with the Golden Seal Team, he catches a glimpse of a woman who appears to be Amelia, inside Curtis Castle


Personally, I find Frantz to be a pure combo fighter when it comes to using sword, his speed and skills are related to this. In later levels you will get more skills that will keep your opponent in the air and even launch yourself in the air for aerial combos. This surely is one of the best way to fight in PvP, especially in 1 vs 1.

In PvE, Frantz has numerous skills that have a wider range and can hit multiple enemies, since this is closed Beta there are only a few you can use that are actually effective. The main style you will have to use in PvE is gathering the monsters up in a group and using the Area of Effect skills that will increase the combo hits quite swiftly, from there you can always single out enemies that require more time to kill once the ' squishies ' are dealt with.

The main thing I have found Frantz effective with was his grab skill. While it seemed like something you only use for solo enemies, there are many reasons to use this to increase the combo hits in a short time. For instance, when you first start Frantz you get Sword Upper as the first skill, when your opponent is in the air and falls back down, you can grab them in midair, drag the monster to the group of other monsters and slam it down.

Another positive result of the grab is towards the Butcher bosses, grab a enemy and walk towards the butcher, then throw the enemy down infront of them. There's a 80% chance the Butcher is stunned, knocked down or freezes in place while attacked, giving you plenty of time to execute combo's to knock it out.

Skill list ( Will update this )


Sword Upper - Slashes your opponent in the air. Your main skill throughout the game, it's effective in both PvE and PvP. Later you will get a passive skill that will allow you to jump after the skill, making aerial combo's a must.

Dark Storm - Chargeable skill. Spins around and hits target around you as you spin forward. While I saw no use of it in PvP, it can be effective in PvE while you manage to knock down a group of monsters. However, this can work for PvP too if you can't get a combo going and can only go for quick attacks.

Spiral Stinger - Chargeable skill. a thrust forward with the sword. While I don't use it much, it's quite effective and gets the job done when you aren't too focussed on aerial combat. Personally, I use it when the monsters are in mid air, you thrust forward and still hit them, even bouncing them a little further up in the air to resume with another skill.

Divine Drive - Elemental skill. This is one of the skills I will keep till the end game. It gives Dark damage aswell as shooting your opponent up in the air when they are midair. Sometimes it also hurts your opponent when they're on the ground. AN IMPORTANT NOTE. This skill is slow if you do not use it AFTER Sword Upper. This is a combination skill, needed for the aerial combo and deals great damage to people with low magic resistance.

Heart Breaker - Ranged attack. I see this skill much like a shotgun blast but without the projectiles. Best used against a group of enemies that are close but not paying attention to you. It deals quite an amount of damage, also excellent of stopping a dodgy opponent. I recommend this in PvE when the monsters are on the ground. Not part of a aerial combo but can be used to keep an opponent from escaping or before you unleash a combo.

Rising Slash - Ground skill. I Seriously LOVE this skill the most, especially since this is, before you get the passive skill for upper slash, the best way to use aerial combo's and to keep an enemy from falling on the ground. I have to add that right when you slash them up, you will automatically jump up aswell so just mash that attack button just so you will hit them, if you do it a second too late, the chance of a aerial combo will be wasted, use this skill whenever you can.


Bleeding Attack - Multifunctional Skill. Summons a demon hand from the ground to strike multi opponents that is within it's grasp. Also one of the skills I can't go without. It causes your opponent to bleed if succesfull, so see this as a poison skill! Like Sword upper, once you get the passive skill, you will get to use this baby as an aerial attack, which is much faster and needs almost no time to prepare, making it very usefull!

Soul Beeder - Multifunctional skill. Like the Bleeding Attack, I love this skill. It's a great way to finish off an opponent who keeps running and it's valid for a wicked aerial skill combination. I see this as the big brother of Dark storm, it spins more, faster and looks prettier. Another good thing about this skill is that you can use this as a mid air skill. Needed in PvE!


Berserker - Action buff. I find this skill not really needed if you play Frantz right but it comes in handy when you use axe, since you don't do alot of dodging when you're tanky. It adds 50% to attack speed, damage and magic damage. It doesn't last long so make sure that if you are able to use it, to save it for the boss. It's not avaiable in PvP.


Rising Attack Important passive. This is the skill that decides your aerial superiority. This skill gives you the option to jump up after you used your sword upper by using the grab button. So right after you launch your opponent up, you press C to follow up and immidiatly attack before you attack too late. This is a great way to begin a short but effective aerial combo.

Curse Master - Important passive. This will really do you good around level 30+ where you start getting those curse skills, it reduces MP use, cooldown and increase the damage of all curse skills, which makes this.. Very awesome.

Roll-down - Important passive. You really need this for both PvE and PvP for one obvious reason. Do you really want to stay down so your ass can be handed to you? I THINK NOT.

Short Distance Teleport - Start Skill. It serves for two purposes. One to dodge incoming ranged attacks and to CANCEL while doing a combo. Basically if you see the boss or opponent about to attack you, press the directional key twice to cancel out of a combo and either tap twice again to dodge away or press the counter button to make stagger the enemy.

Darkness Resistance - Passive skill. This skill is completely optional for you. I picked it because there are alot of Franz's in the game and you will no doubt end up fighting them or in PvE, mages that fire darkness magic at you. As the title says, it increases your resistance to darkness.

Weapon Master - Important passive. Really get this skill when you can. It increases skill damage, decreases MP usage and cooldown. Really.. Just get this.

Air Master - Super Ultra Mega Important Passive! THIS is the skill that verifies that you are a Air Frantz. It will allow the following skills to be used in the air: Sword Upper, Dark Storm, Bleeding Attack, Soul Bleeder and Piercing Lance. It also adds Dark damage to Dark storm. This is the passive you need.

Black Sorcery Master - Important Passive. Increases the Black Sorcery damage, decreases MP cooldown and cost. Good for harassment in PvE and PvP when you don't have the MP to use skills too often.

Perfect Guard - Starting passive. It blocks all incoming attacks, the name of the skill is taken from the bonus of the passive. When you counter right before an enemy attacks ( Your character will flash for half a second when you start the counter ) It makes them stagger and you are allowed to use a special counter attack by pressing the attack button. For Frantz it's a wide frontal slash. Very effective against a group.

Sword Mastery - Starting passive. You will have to keep upgrading this when it's available. Like the name says, it's one of the main passives you will need to deal damage. Normal and skill wise. Do not abandon this skill. Ever. Unless you go axe.

Add Physical Defense Starting Passive skill. I am still wondering if I should keep upgrading this. A good and skillfull Frantz will only get hit by surprise attacks or ranged attacks but not often enough to need defense, so since this is still Closed Beta, I am still experimenting with and without it but for now, it's your choice.

Plate Master Important Passive Skill. Where Physical Defense skill pretty much fails, this skill makes up. It has a chance to recover HP, reduces magical damage and is pretty cheap to upgrade, so yes.. Get this.

Mid Air Dash - Semi important passive. I don't use this alot, but if you miss an aerial attack, you can use this to dash away before your opponent tries to counter as you land.

Quintuple Combo - Passive skill. This skill is actually quite handy in PvE. If you manage to figure ou the combo's right and charge up the last hits, you will deal some nice damage!

HP Increase - Important Passive Skill. The Skill Speaks for itsself!

Pros and Cons of Aerial Frantz


- If done right, your combos will hurt.
- Fun to play if you like a challenge.
- Balanced in PvE, superior in PvP
- Can fight with Tude equally if not, top him.
- A wide variety, can always go for ground combat if aerial doesn't suit you.


- Squishie
- Hard to play
- Might get targetted first
- Skill dependant
- One slip in a aerial combo means the entire combo is wasted

All in all, I find Frantz quite good for aerial combat, your opponents will not stand a chance in PvP if you have mastered it and every oppertunity you have to use it, deal that damage, if it's a short combo.

Gem Input

I would recommend Dark damage and Critical hit. If you only want to get one attribute then I think you should go for Critical hit. Personally I find that Frantz can be a aggressive character but he lacks power, so your are dependant on good gear that will allow you to place good gems on it. Make SURE you do not have doubts when you got a gear and want to use it for a long period of time and that you want to place a gem on.

As for Augments, really go for the 20+ on your weapons. The more power the better, do not be careful with perfect weapons, waste money and items on them to get it to a beast power because you seriously NEED it.

Gear stats

I would recommend MP gear at the early start of Frantz because he will be a MP waster. His combo's are so fast that he uses alot of skills to make that stylish rank grow. While it is not stated. Magic Defence DOES give MP, the same as the defence for it gives, so make sure you go for that. Personally I find that the MP clothes for Angela would work well for Frantz because he is a hybrid of Agnela and Tude with a little more magicial darkness in it.

As for unique+ gear, go for the damage. HP, MP, reduction of damage is okay and all but Frantz is not a tank unless you use an axe and plan him to be a tanker. My build is for the PvPer, damager, combo maniac Frantz, so I will only go for the complete offensive.

Tips and Tricks

If you are trying to chase Angela or someone with low HP, do not hesitate to use Soul Beeder, it will surprise you opponent and knocks them to the ground, enough time to use other wide range skills to deal further damage should they remain in your path.

Do NOT be afraid to use all the skills you have. Regardless of the cool time, you will have plenty of time to use all of them and spam others like Sword Upper.

Make Tude attack first! Your counter is handy against Tude. As we all know Tude dodges alot and he can dash so many times in a row that you will be wasting skills on him, regardless of what I said in the early tip, a good Tude will use your wasted attempts against you.

Most Angela's who use swords, always go for the homing missle. Perfect counter it! You will have two seconds to unleash the counter attack, get close to Angela while they take the hit of their deflected homing missle and strike!

Spam Sword Upper. Enemies who are new to fighting Frantz, mistake that skill's true power!

Gaining SSS rank in very hard mode is hard for Frantz, mostly because of dungeons like Library, where knights circle you and attack you from different sides. Attack the mages first to round up the silver sword knights, then use Soul beeder to knock them down and finish them off first.

For PvE, always remember THIS kill order.

1. Range monsters
2. Attack Monsters
3. Defence monsters

We all know that the heavy arm boss is the most annoying boss there is. He barely flinches and most people will tell you to rely only on counter to defeat him. This is completely wrong! When he spawns, wait for the right moment. When he is attackable, charge at him with Soul Beeder. This will stun him long enough for you to cast Bleeding attack, which also stuns him, Divine Drive for heavy damage and Spiral Stinger to finish him off. Regardless of the difficulty, 9 out of 10 will kill him with this combo.

I will continue to update this guide as I go along with levels, for now this is all I can give you. Once I got a good batch of new information and game style I find effective, I will put it in here. Any questions you have, I will gladly give an answer to, even if it is not related to this guide. If you need to contact me ingame. My name is Hardcore.

Take care and enjoy the guide!