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Originally Posted by Nihil679
Because Moonlords have absurd damage and range. OP in the fact that they're strong without much effort. At least that's what I hear.

I don't believe in basing class rankings on foreign servers. Not only is there a huge gap between content and patches that could have potentially changed classes, but there's the difference in playstyles, mentality, and overall playerbase.
yeah, thats the thing. Moonlords are assumed to be OP from a pvp chart a single Selena player made and few random pvp videos. These are also server based and we are not even near to getting our 2nd class advancement.

Lots of people are already assuming moonlords are OP with little result evidence or even pvped vs them themselves. This is just BS, since Moonlords are most likely not top tier in competitive play of other versions as seen from tournaments and rankings.

Im a physical swordsman going for infinity edge( not even magic like moonlord), and I bet some are gonna complain swordsman are OP if they lose because they think Moonlords are op.
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