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mincro is on a distinguished road

sadly the case isnt the mech cant pull aggro(which he can) its that he doesnt have the hp/def to live I respawned him 10 times for the minibosses then about 11 times for mino himself probably more he went nuts and was crazy fast was amazing.

academic skills are bugged sort of speak partying with them will cause crashing because of their skills some in question that crash are ping pong strike, gravity grenade, alfredo stomp and a few others i dont have the names for atm.

almost everything is dodgeable but if you are going solo fights gonna go on forever and he'll be using him rage buff that makes me incredibly fast. example of the buffs overpowered ness. charge,flaming charge,knife throw, stomp all of these are instant with his buff and his dmg is still high taking 1k for charge and up to 6k for stomp i beat him before it got higher thankfully. academic rapes normal dungeons that let you choose difficulty but nests are another story they hit too hard for your mech to stay out before his cooldown is off. so you are stuck running around until he's off cooldown which is i believe 2minutes when he dies in less than 5seconds.