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Default PVP ladder rankings! Top players on CN and KR.

What I posted on dragonnestsource.

Originally by Scar

Now. Can anyone explain to me why some people on these forums keep stressing Moonlords are OP and the absolute best in pvp? Perhaps moonlords are the best for average lvl 50 pvper, but from the results of both Chinese and Korean tournaments and rankings, they seem far from OP in top tier competitive play. Also, the link people provided for their tier list was made by a Selena, probably not a top player, and put Selenas as weak against everyone.

I believe rankings and results from Tournaments show a much more clear view of who is the best in the end for competitive play rather than biased observers or players. Viewing results and rankings allows you to make your own judgement. As for me, I believe the game's 1 v 1 pvp would be quite balanced, though perhaps a few classes might be not suitable for competitive play.

The 1v1 RATED PVP ranks (where you earn rating by winning, and lose rating when losing) are shown in-game.:

Chinese DN:

Korean DN:

Chinese DN rated PVP rankings:

#1 Sniper
#2 Crusader
#3 Tempest
#4 Crusader
#5 Destroyer
#6 Crusader
#7 Destroyer
#8 Barbarian
#9 Elestra
#10 Elestra

Korean DN:

#1 Guardian
#2 Tempest
#3 Guardian
#4 Tempest
#5 Destroyer
#6 Barbarian
#7 Tempest
#8 Gladiator
#9 Barbarian
#10 Destroyer
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