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Originally Posted by kmelfina
So you did the same dungeons over and over to level?
Pretty much. Like you have to do Dead Man's Road 3 times minimum to clear out all quests there (could take more if you do some quests earlier than others) but I ended up doing it more than 18 times because of 6 chars and not all of them did quests for minimum runs since I didn't know how many quests to expect for each dungeon until later.

After lv16, depending on the class you play you can start soloing Astral Coven on Master for pretty high xp in short time (under 5min).

From experience, you won't get close to 5min for Warrior and Archer Subclasses until lv19. Elementalist does it fairly well at lv16, don't remember time but Mystic took around 8min iirc
Priest, I'm not too sure since I started that at like 18 or 19

In terms of XP without PWR, Astral Master gives (trying to remember):

@Lv16+17, it's around 20% per run
@Lv18-22, it's around 11-15% per run with 3% commissions
@Lv23, it's 8% per run and 2% commission

I know some people farmed Nexus but I like Astral better, roughly same XP except for commissions which give like 13k more but you get them at lv22 compared to Astral at lv18