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Default [MSoTW] [07/08-14/08] RX-78-2 Gundam

RX-78-2 “Gundam”


The Cult Classic Gundam is a B rank Rock that has barely aged, especially in B/C Rank rooms. Its speed and agility are, to this day, exceptional, and its 5-hit melee superb in reach and speed. (Also, it is the founding father of the Sword-Rifle-Vulcan weapon-set, and setter of many, many other clichés.)

Beam Saber: : The highlight of the unit, and its main damage-dealer. The RX-78-2’s saber, for its old age, is still fast and painful enough to match most B ranks today. It’s definitely not the highest tier in terms of reach, and does not go too deep into the Z-Axis. Do not attempt to try to combo from on top another person; you will fail miserably. A Sandrock is a Gundam, but a Gundam is not a Sandrock. Otherwise, the saber handles very well. The hits are smooth and fluid, and if the handler knows SS well, can be deadly. The first, very wide slash comes in from the right side, so approaching an unsuspecting target with its back pointed towards Gundam’s right and doing ZBS to the left makes critical hits a bit easier to land. Do not do this if Gundam is facing a shield; one might as well get a smash instead of risking a guarded hit. Otherwise, during MCA runs around the enemy, this may get in an extra critical.
Beam Rifle: : Not really much to say here; it is a standard rifle with normal damage. 11 shots with medium reload means that some conservation of ammo must take place, but it is possible to rely heavily on the rifle for damage. With Gundam’s ease of handling it does wonderfully as a pseudo-Scissor to troll actual Scissors. A shooting technique might be to bring the rifle to about the area that the target is in, press the trigger, and center on the target with such speed that the animation ends just as the crosshairs hit the target. This is sort of a full-manual shooting method using the principle of semi-auto aim. Since it carries decent damage, it is good to use it to attack PSA-enabled SEED suits. On the other hand, it seems that Gundam and other UC Era suits’ beam rifle beams are a tad wider than that of a Cosmic Era beam rifle shot, hence making it a bit easier to land. [Citation Needed]
Vulcans: : Gundam sets all Gundam clichés, Vulcans included, but very useful for negating the annoying effects of I-Fields, Laminate Armors, and Akatsuki’s paintjob.

Defense Up: : Appreciated, but one would much, much rather trade this for Mobility Up or Booster Extension.
Exactly as Mr. Ray said, Coordinators can kiss my Newtype ass. NT-Awakening activates at 50% for Gundam, giving it Speed Up, slight Booster Extension, Search Distance Extension, and Radar rolled into one package. With its deft melee, Gundam becomes supremely annoying with NT-A active. One can dash in, steal a few hits, and immediately roll out with its speed and agility. Compared to SEED Awakening, NT-A has a bit less boost, but activates at 40%, at the latest (A Ranks/Skill Part), compared to SEED’s 30%. 10% (20, in Gundam’s case) means an extreme advantage in terms of survival, and with Gundam’s skill one, Defense Up, indeed, Coordinators can kiss my Newtype ass. (SEED Awakening EX, which is vastly superior to both, is limited to Destiny Gundam only.)
(Note: Do not get this wrong: HAC is a Gundam, but a Gundam is not a HAC. Do not be stupid; the point of having NT-A is so that Gundam is much more agile and apt to escape and survive a situation in which the opponent cannot be killed.)

Game Play
Certainly, all the basic rules of game play apply: rush, do not rush alone, use cover, poke-shoot, see where your team is so you don’t suddenly rush into a crowd of V2Bs. Take advantage of the fact that Gundam is a Rock with an 11-shot rifle, and use it often. Do not risk melee or Vulcans to take down a straggling enemy with low life, as the rifle has longer range and thus makes it safer for you to engage. Definitely learn auto/semi-auto aim as they will really help your shooting. His rifle is on the right side, so poke out from the right a bit more, though not enough that someone you are engaged in a firefight with can predict where you will pop up. Gundam is just a bit low on dexterity, so take that into account while rushing with the saber or shooting; if shooting, hit dash just a bit earlier so that you will be taken back just as the shot leaves the rifle. It takes experience to do this right, which I still cannot, leaving my face free to be ravaged for a vital second and a half. Do not hesitate to SP-Cancel, because Gundam’s little sword hits quick, and ZBS/MCA is pretty easy on it. It’s also one of the suits of choice for MCA demonstrations. Your Newtype Awakening is there so that you can get out of a sticky situation easier, chase down an enemy faster and be more of a hassle to the enemy. Abuse its boost and flank; leave the heavy Papers with long-ranged battle and hunt down Scissors. Also remember that Gundam has B-Rank HP and DEF. Do not expect it to go into 1 VS multiple and survive, not unless your enemies are brainless idiots who are too spread out or if you are just godly in beneficial lag.
For its mid-range weapons, target Scissors and use semi-auto or full manual shooting. Know to use Vulcans to strafe an enemy in the back for fast, continuous damage and always have melee at your fingertips for a quick counter. Manual isn’t so hard if one leads by a few millimeters (in windowed mode). Besides it being a complete classic, it is also a very solid Rock suit that is great for newcomers to use. If you are indeed new, watch Hexi’s Rock/MCA/SS Tutorial, and if you are a veteran, you can probably use this suit much better than I can…

Gundam As Compared To…
Gundam Mk.II (Titans)
Strike Gundam
Victory Gundam
…et cetera. Anything with melee, rifle, and Vulcans and is a Rock. Even some Papers and Scissors follow this exact scheme.
Gundam Mk. II is especially like the RX-78, but it has Veteran Infighter and Attack Up. This makes it far more effective against stray Papers than RX-78. As a BS rank, Mk. II Titans has better speed, agility and attack, but lacks RX-78’s troll Newtype Boost, and has less rifle ammo and slower Vulcans reload. Mk. II would be played a bit more aggressively and would rush harder than RX-78, which would do slightly better at Scissor range than the Mk. II. Mk.II Titans, however, can be obtained in C4, giving it a significant advantage over Gundam. Overall, it is superior to Gundam, but Gundam is a very good beginner’s suit, easily obtainable from an Easy Level mission and having all the essential tools to make a very versatile and strong suit.

SPD-ATK standard build
SPD-AGI-ATK for those of you with C3s, because the added AGI would help in responsiveness, which I feel this suit sort of lacks.
Full-ATK works
HP-DEF is a universal option. Survival always benefits the team.
Get OC3’s ½ Battery Cost and put no points at all if you play KR and wish to use this in A/BC rooms. Most of them bar Customized suits, which does make sense because of the game-breaking potential of OC6/OCEX super-powered Komeis, MLRSes, BD02s, et cetera.

Game Play Videos

I would record my own, but currently I play on a WiFi network with anywhere from 9MbPS-18MbPS of reliable performance and therefore would die of lag with Fraps up.

Good grasp of teamwork, and quick, raptor-like attack, though this player’s SS could use a little smoothing up. These days, most people do not use Gundam anymore, but I find my own C2 Easy Mission reward Gundam quite nice to use. Unfortunately, it has custom stats, which bars it from almost all A/BC rank games in Korea, but it isn’t powerful enough to go into SABC rooms against all the OC6’d 00Rs, IJs and HACs. Very saddening, to think of it; it was such a fun suit to play.

KR IGN: MidBoss
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