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Section 19: My Shop

Q: Can I recharge with PayPal on more than one account?
A: Yes, but there's a monthly spending limit of $250 per PayPal account no matter how many SGI accounts you use it on. [Settie] [1]

Q: I want to sell my My Shop points. How can I do this safely?
A: You can reduce your risk of getting scammed by following a few golden rules. Never "Gift First" (GF) to someone you can't trust. That already rules out 99% of the community. No matter how trustworthy someone may look, real money is always at stake. Only deal through ggFTW. The chances of finding genuinely trustworthy buyers here are high, and if you're a new seller with zero reputation yourself, you'll need to offer GF to the few trustworthy buyers you can find around here to earn your reputation and be eligible to ask for "Pay First" (PF) eventually. Only GF to ggFTW members with at least 10-20 iTrader points and some evidence of being a reliable MS buyer. Don't judge the trustworthiness of a buyer by their character's level. Even a level 300+ can scam.

Q: How many Nate's Bottles do I get for 3.6k MS?
A: Only one. [1]

Q: What is the tempering range for [insert My Shop equipment]?
A: For equipment with fixed status purchased directly from My Shop instead of from random boxes, the formula is:

Minimum = starting value * 0.75
Maximum = starting value * 1.35
For example, an item with 120 MP would have a range of 90-162 MP. [Dussty] [1]

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