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Section 18: Time Capsule

Q: What is this and how does it work?
A: This system allows players to have more than three characters on one account by "freezing" one you don't want to play to free up a slot for creating a new one. A character is "frozen" when you enter it into the time capsule and no longer appears on your character selection page. It's "defrosted" when you remove it from said time capsule. Once a character is frozen, you can't access or play it until it's defrosted. You need one free slot to defrost a character.

Q: How do I freeze a character?
A: You need one Time Capsule Ticket from My Shop for each character you want to freeze.

Q: How do I defrost a character?
A: Make sure you have an available free slot. On the character selection page, click "Defrost" and select your character.

Q: Will items in my inventory disappear if I freeze a character?
A: No. If you have timed accessories equipped on you or in your inventory, they will be frozen as well so their timer won't run until you defrost that character.

Q: It says that my friend and guild list won't be saved. Is this true?
A: Yes. Freezing a character also wipes your friend list and removes you from the list of every friend that has you added. If you're in a guild, you need to quit your guild first. If you're in a relationship or married, you need to terminate the relationship or get a divorce before you can proceed with freezing.

Q: I'm in a relationship/married. Do I need to terminate my relationship first?
A: As above.

Q: I bought a Time Capsule Ticket but can't find it anywhere in my inventory. Help?
A: You don't see the Ticket, but don't worry. It's there and you don't need to withdraw any item. The Ticket is automatically stored on your account and ready for use when you want to freeze. All you need to do is buy it.

Q: Will my frozen character disappear from the rankings on the website?
A: Yes.

Q: I'm confused. Are there any screenshots of how it works?
A: See this thread.

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