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Section 17: Power Leveling

Q: How does it work?
Power leveling is where one person in a party kills monsters, giving the larger share of the EXP to another person in the same party to "level" them. The client (the person receiving EXP) needs to be within 99 levels either way of the power leveler (the person killing). In a two-person party , EXP share should be "Manual", with 60% for the client and 40% for the power leveler. For more EXP, you can get two more people (known as "fillers") to join the party. Fillers need to stay off the map at all times. EXP share should be set to 40% for the client, 10% for the power leveler, with the remaining EXP divided between the two fillers any way you wish. Most people go with 40/10/10/40 or 40/10/25/25. [1] [2]

Q: What are fillers?
A: As above. Fillers "fill" a party, since the EXP party members receive increases with the number of people in the party. If they provide a Royal or Special party, the EXP gets even better. Fillers should never be on the same map as the leveler and client, though.

Q: Can I power level on monsters below my level?
A: Not unless you want your client to get less EXP than they could. Power leveling on monsters below your level is like training on them - there is a penalty, except it transfers to your client instead. That basically means you're wasting their time, money and booster. Only power level on monsters above your level to ensure your client gets the best EXP possible.

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