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Boris, sword in hand, ran as fast as he could. Towards Beelzebub, towards the most horrifying scene he could have ever fathomed.. which was unfolding before him.
In the time he had taken to save his daughter, and bring him to safety, it was already too late. Akaito was already in Beelzebub's grasp. His heart skipped a beat as he hastened his pace..

"U-uncle!", Drake's voice.

"Hold on, we'll get you free!" Maya and Celina's, who were also headed straight for the heinous beast.

He was about to join in their cries, with something like a "Kai! We'll cut his damned arm off, don't fret!", but the incubus' powerful voice stunned him, and he promptly shut himself up as he slowed momentarily.


Boris shook it off, and sprinted like he'd never sprinted before.
E-Enoch? Why did he yell out the name of the Metatron.. at a time like this? What does he have to do with..

His chase was all in vain, for mere moments after he started to run, it was done. The most mortifying sound to ever pry itself into his ears and shatter his core.



The old Zmalaj’s steps slowed gradually, as if his body was mindlessly coming to a stop. His eyes were open wide, horrified and shaken… He opened his moth, he wanted to yell, to scream, to roar even, but not a sound made its’ way out. This moment seemed endless, until a bright glint of metal caught his eye. Some sort of.. Necklace, and pendant? He looked up and caught it with his left hand, clenching hard, almost mechanically. He stopped, finally, and slowly opened his shaking fist to reveal a silver chain and cross, stained by blood and time. His face lost all its’ tension, his gaze softened…

“Joshua’s cross.. “ Boris muttered, shaking his head slightly. He then put the chain in a pouch he had tight to his waist. He hung his head low for a moment, trying to keep calm, holding back whatever draining and painful feelings that were arising.

You had died once already, Kazuki.. Wasn’t that enough? Now you’ve gone and damned yourself to hell, you fool… You deserved anything but that. You won’t be able to see them…

He lifted his heavy head up and saw Drake violently kick Beelzebub in the face. Boris couldn’t help but crack a small smile: he saw in Drake, now more than over, Kai’s courage, rash (and perhaps careless) behaviour, and above all, signs of power and determination. That is what everyone needed most now.

… So because of that, you’d better kick the living shit out of Lucifer while you’re there!

Boris clenched his sword tightly, and ignited it with a furious blue fire. Although he was immensely shaken, now was far from the time to even remotely “break down”. He shouted, so that hopefully everyone would hear him.

“DON’T LET HIS DEATH BE IN VAIN!” He jumped high into the air; “STRIKE HIS CORE POINTS OF MANA FLOW, WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT!” Once he reached a high altitude, he flew straight down, towards Beelzebub, and stabbed the toppled beast’s throat with his flaming sword, aiming right for the flow of mana in that region.


Ania could only watch in horror from the safety of her hiding spot, along with Emilio, as Beelzebub ended Akaito for good. Although the boy was doing an excellent job at healing her, she couldn’t help but feel absolutely miserable. Her heart sank even further as she saw her father painfully slow his pace, in shock at what hat just happened. She couldn’t help but tear up..

“Akaito.. Dad…” The dragon girl whined slightly, somewhat unconsciously, as a form of mourning.
May you rest in peace, Akaito…

She knew, ever since she was very little, that Akaito was very special to her father. Ania never quite understood why, or even how. Countless time, she’d seen them speak like the oldest friends, seeming so fond of each other. In a way that showed the strong bond they had shared in all their years of knowing each other… a form of love.
Not quite how he loved his race, close friends, or even Cecily. Not quite how he loved his many children, be it his firstborn, or Ania herself. Not quite how he had “loved” his wives… No, definitely not.
After all these years, she could never define this “love”. And she wondered if her father himself had even been able to.
Perhaps it didn’t matter.


Ania was promptly shaken out of her lengthy thoughts when she heard her father’s loud voice, full of resolve and surprising strength.


The girl watched him attentively as he lunged at the hellish beast, stabbing his throat. Ania glared angrily at the beast, and propped herself up slightly. The pain was still there, but much less than before. Bearable. Mostly because of Emilio, but probably because of the fact that she couldn’t bare to stand back any longer.
She looked at Emilio now, with much resolve.

“Emilio! How soon until you think I can go out there? I’m feeling pretty up to it right now!”

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