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IGN: Nasu Kha
Class: Carpenter lt_knight
Level: 60
Guild: Rapscallions
Xfire: glarbage

RP: Midnight Fantasia

Name: Anna Faulkner
Age: 427 (appears to be about 24)
Gender: Female
Race: Devi
Occupation: Asgard Ambassador - Zadkiel faction - Covert-ops security for diplomatic ambassador
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 112 lbs
Eyes: Bright blue with a sunburst of gold.
Hair: white
-As a devi, Anna started out as the personification of the Hindu goddess Annapurna. When she unlocked her powers as the personification of Parvati (the greater/true form of Annapurna) she began to take it much more seriously, traveling the world studying martial arts, religions, and anything else she could study.
---Anna is not the only devi. In fact, the diplomatic ambassador she is security for, Nathaniel Maxwell, is actually the devi of Nataraja. However, unlike Anna, Nathaniel has no interest in the furthering of his abilities. Also, he's an NPC so yeah.
-She was hired for her position because of her skills in ninjutsu (she studied/taught ninjutsu for a total of 106 years).
---While studying ninjutsu, she developed a number of skills, including a skill that uses her ki, mana, and chakra (yes they're different) to change her outfits. As a ninjutsu sensei, she taught her students that the best way to be stealthy is to look like you belong there in the first place.
-As Anna discovered sometime around or after the events of "Fulfill the Promise", the Faulkner bloodline of cubi actually carry a trait that allows them to see the history of an object, through physical contact. She had used this power at various times, before she finally realized what it really was.
---After learning of her form change when the goddess spirit is shut down, Anna started practicing control of the spirit flow, and now (mostly) has control over which form she takes. She tends to shut it down when she is doing purely physical training, as the form carries less magical properties, and has a bit more 'weight' to it. So generally throughout all of her training stints during the period in between "Fulfill the Promise" and "Midnight Fantasia", she trained in her cubi form.

Appearance: A youthful woman with a tanned skintone (see above), she has big blue eyes and white hair. Her body is well-proportioned, and she has C cup breasts. When off of work, she can be found in her pajamas, which are a top with various prints on them (her favorite is the gentleman piranha print) and jogging shorts. When she's working, she tends to make frequent use of her disguising jutsu, so she could be in any type of outfit.

After Parvati awakened, several phrases in Hindi were placed on her body. On her wrists and ankles, "देवी जो दस हजार नामों से जाना जाता है." is written, which translates to, "The goddess who is known by ten-thousand names." On her back, the Parvati Swayamvara Mantra is written, which roughly translates to, “O thou who is always in Union with Lord Shiva, give me the power of attraction and fascination, O Noble One!”

As discovered in "Fulfill the Promise", when Anna's goddess spirit is shut down, she reverts to a succubus form. As a succubus, her Hindi tattoos vanish, her hair goes black, she gains a devil tail and black wings, and her breasts grow from a C cup to an E cup.

Personality/Character: Since Rune raised her, she grew up with a very strong moral compass. Since he's been gone, she's been taking her studies and practices much more seriously, traveling the worlds to gain any available knowledge and abilities that she can. However, that doesn't mean she won't take a break. She still upholds her and her father's tradition of cooking/eating together with friends at least once a week. And if that time of week rolls around and Anna doesn't have any friends nearby, she's actually been known to go out and make new friends to have dinner with. Because of little habits of hers like these, she's unwittingly made a lot of lifelong friends.

History: After the battles in Niflheim, Anna immediately set off on a journey. Due to the cosmos streams being severed in Fulfill the Promise, Parvati had been weakened, and Anna found a need to train her body much more. As such, she journeyed across the worlds (in her cubi form mostly, to shy away from the temptation to use the magics that come with Parvati), attaining new knowledge and skills along the way. She particularly spent most of her time immersing herself in martial arts, of which she mastered 8 during her travels. Except for a short stint of training in Taekkyeon with Drake, she's been completely out of touch with all her friends throughout her entire trip.

After spending some time teaching ninjutsu, she finally decided to head home, 305 years into her journey. After arriving at the old barbershop, she was soon contacted by an angel of the Zadkiel faction. They were looking for security for a diplomat. However, they didn't want the people of the other worlds to think they lacked trust so much that they'd hire a fleet of bodyguards, so they opted to instead hire a master ninja, as covert-ops security. And since Anna's appearance isn't very menacing, she tends to look more like Nathaniel's assistant than his master-class bodyguard.

Equipment: She carries around Rune's bag.

Magic and Abilities: Siren's Voice: Now that she has gained full control over her abilities, Anna's vocal capabilities are substantially more valuable. She no longer has to cry or scream as a means of combat, now she only has to concentrate on something she hates and hold a sustained note in order for it to take effect. When she sings, it still draws people to her. Over time, she's gone beyond typical mastery of her Siren's Voice, and has actually taken to combining it with light magic. The only spells she knows/uses are enchantment spells. She imbues light element magic into different things: weapons, fists, feet, shields, or even whole bodies. Her enchantment spells are particularly strong due to the combined power of light magic and Siren's Voice.

As a Devi, she carries the ability of "Reincarnation". However, her reincarnation process isn't the typical. Instead of being forcibly transitioned into a newborn body, an incantation may be recited and she will be *reborn* into her original body, with all damage and injury removed. However, if the body is wholly destroyed, rebirth is impossible. With Rune missing, no one knew her incantation. However, upon her return from her travels, she found a note in the shop with her incantation written on it, as well as an explanation of what it was. She has yet to tell anyone though, and just carries the note in her father's bag.

Also she can fly (but herpaderp that was stated in the other sheets so it should be assumed by now right? a lot of this other stuff is in the other sheets too /shrug)


Thanks to her awakening Parvati, Anna has gained the following two abilities:
1. She is now capable of casting her enchantment spells in any element, and
2. She is capable of summoning up to 10 copies of herself; the downside of this is that when she calls back the copies she acquires the combined fatigue of all of the copies. Being that way, only in a desperate situation can we expect her to call more than 2-3 at a time, lest she risk falling unconscious/dying when she calls back the copies. (She almost never uses this ability, mostly due to the dangers it causes when she uses it. Since the gods were weakened by the severing of the cosmos streams in Fulfill the Promise, the skill is much more strenuous to use now.)

During her travels, Anna mastered 8 martial arts. Below is the list (in order learned), along with the amount of time spent in each, and any other relevant information.

Capoeira - 27 years
Krav Maga - 13 years
Sambo - 15 years
Meihuaquan (plum flower fist) kung fu - 40 years
Muay Thai - 25 years
Taekkyeon - 37 years (studied Taekkyeon together with Drake)
Sumo - 42 years
Ninjutsu - 106 years (After about 27 years under a master, she spent 30 years immersed in personal study, where she developed many techniques including her ki/mana/chakra-based clothing change technique. After this time she returned to the school, where she took over as the teacher for the remainder of the time, which was about 49 years)

Random quirks?:
-Anna gets easily distracted in crucial situations.
-When she drinks, she has a tendency to overdo it. She generally refuses all invitations to go out drinking because of this.
-Anna only smokes when she wants to look cool; she actually hates the taste, and hates getting smoke in her eyes.
-When she's off work, she still always wears sneakers or no shoes at all. Even after all these years.
-She is an avid gamer in her spare time.


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