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A barely conscious Rune was keyed in on the conversation... Or rather, pissing contest, that Kai and Beelzebub... err Lucifer... Well shit, the whole lot of them were having.

Damn, they're sure cussing a lot, Rune thought to himself.

"STRIKE HIM DOWN IN THE POINTS OF THE BODY WHERE MANA FLOWS! If you studied magic you sure as hell should know about them! I already nailed two of them but he already recovered by eating Theodoro!"

About time he figured it out, Rune thought, If you recall that, then I wonder if you'll realize just who you are...

By the time that statement rolled around, a semi-defunct Rune was already staggering back onto the battlefield. As he reached his daughter, he quietly took out duct tape and... A rather large amount of army regulation claymore mines?

"Tape these either along his spinal column or his chest,from his head to his ass," Rune managed to let out before coughing up blood and dropping to his knees.

"What in the hell?! I told you to stay back there!" Anna replied, "And what is this about putting these on him?"

"J-just aim for the chakra points," Rune replied, in a coughing fit, "You're a hindu goddess, you should know plenty about th-"

Before he could finish that statement, an enormous claw, much like Rune's own true hands, reached from seemingly nowhere and grabbed him by the chest, pulling him in to God knows where. The only thing that remained were the claymores and duct tape that he dropped in the confusion.

Anna wasn't so much worried for her dad at this point, as she was just curious of what the hell just happened. "Welp, he's been through worse probably, I'll just assume that he'll be back eventually and get back to business," she said bluntly, and almost coldly, "Now where is the detonator for this thing..."

The enormous claw reached again, out of the same void, and opened the small pocket in the front of the bag, pulling out the detonator. It handed the detonator to Anna, made an exaggerated thumbs-up, and drew itself back into the void, vanishing just as suspiciously as it appeared.

"W-well, that's handy..." Anna stated in a stupor, wondering if anyone else had seen this wild shit she just saw.


Surprised by the sudden shout coming from the direction she should've been paying attention to, Anna said, "Enoch what now?? Dammit I keep losing track, what in the hell is going on?!"

As she turned to see what was happening, she witnessed something she wished she hadn't.


She managed to hide her emotions behind the sunglasses, and strapped up the legendary sword of Alexander the Great to her waist. With her hands now free, she pulled a sizable piece of tape from the roll, adhered it to the first mine, and waited for her chance, inching closer to the beast as she waited.

"You piece of SHIIIIT!"

As Drake kicked Beelzebub in the face and sent the demon staggering, Anna didn't miss her opportunity. Bringing the roll of tape with her just in case, she dashed in and adhered the first mine right by Beelzebub's ass, quickly pulling more and more tape to make sure that sucker was stuck on there. As quickly as she dashed in there, she dashed right back out to return to where Bianca and the others, as well as the stash of mines, were located.

Before she could grab the detonator, Anna noticed the shift in the room, with power starting to pool around Beelzebub. "I should be quick about this then," Anna said, as she reached for the detonator.