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Frigga stared long and hard at Grandison, and then let out a sigh, "I'll heal your brother for now, but we'll need to bind his wrists at least to prevent him from interfering with our mission again." The goddess turned to Makoto and started the healing process by binding the man's hands with magic, then proceeding to tend to his wounds. "Please help out the others..."

"Kai get back. You don't want to end up like that too!" Emilio warned.

"..." Kai merely stared at the abomination before him that took the form of an old family member of his. Jin, his half brother who screwed everything up for him.


Kai blinked, confused at this point, "Wait... What? What did you..."

The face of his brother changed back to Lucifer, and Beelzebub's voice changed to that of Lucifer's, "Pardon my other half. Quite the talker, isn't he?"

"No... What did you... What did you do!?" Kai nearly demanded, "You mean you... Or Beelzebub rather... Made my brother murder my mother all those years ago!?" What fear and doubt Kai felt a moment ago was quickly increased by rage; the rage that has been burning for years even after confronting his brother. The rage that comes with the thought of "how much different would my life be if he didn't kill my mother and make everyone turn on me?".

Gluttony, or rather Lucifer, chuckled at this point, "That's right! If I hadn't done so, so much would have changed!" Lucifer's chuckle became a roaring laugh that echoed in the room, "Basically, your whole life as an assassin and whats happening even now wouldn't have occurred! You wouldn't have become your family head, and instead became a musician and eventually a fortune telller throughout the ages."

"... What..." Kai looked dumbfounded at this point, "So basically... You f*cked me over, so you could f*ck everyone else over too?"


"One big elaborate troll..."


"You're a d*ck," Kai said simply, but the anger was evident on his face, "Yeah well geuss what? F*ck you Lucifer. F*ck you, and every god damned prick that helped you with whatever stunt you're trying to pull. At this point I don't even care if I was killed by one of your damned lackies. You screwed up my life and made me deal with all the shit that followed my mother's death! Just f*ck you!"

Lucifer chuckled, "Cursing off the King of Hell? I'm unsure if you're either stupid or brave."

"Perhaps both," Kai lowered his head, "But..." Kai lifted his head again and blinked, Wait... What is this?... I didn't notice initially but... Maybe this is his weakness?...

One of Charil's lasers struck Gluttony in the mid torso, causing the beast to stagger somewhat and slow his movements slightly... Nihiru and Jun's attacks hit ne of Gluttony's legs but didn't seem to do much of an effect...

I think I get it now.


Bianca breathed in deeply, "Leht Therthar, was it? Even if I did die in battle here you wouldn't even be able to wield this weapon. It'd rust and turn to dust and be reborn with me somewhere in Asgard." Bianca then turned to Charlie and Romeo, "Chamuel! Raphael! Assist Ludo and the Sins against Fortunata. Jophiel, Uriel... Focus on Beelzebub."

"Already on it," Romeo called out to Bianca as he fired ice Fortunata's way from his rapier in conjunction with Sin's attacks which Charlie further amplified with wind currents. Fortunata wrapped herself with her dark wings, which merely absorbed the blows. Suddenly her wings burst open, showing she wasn't effected in the least. A ripple of lightning flashed through the air and hit Fortunata dead on. However, she wasn't slowing down, and an onslaught of flames poured down on everyone in the party. Beelzebub was also bringing down his fists on the party and laughing maniacally as per usual, which didn't help things one bit.

Drake was trying to think of what possibly could be this thing's weakness and the raining flames of 'holy shit I'm f*cked' weren't helping either. Then in the cavern, his uncle began shouting at the top of his lungs from where it was Beelzebub was tormenting him.

"EVERYONE!!!" Kai tried to get everyone's attention desperately, "STRIKE HIM DOWN IN THE POINTS OF THE BODY WHERE MANA FLOWS! If you studied magic you sure as hell should know about them! I already nailed two of them but he already recovered by eating Theodoro!"

"You...!" Lucifer/Beelzebub hissed.

OOC: think chakra points in the body

"U-uncle!" Drake gasped.

"Hold on, we'll get you free!" Maya and Celina were already charging for Gluttony.

"Don't worry about me! Just focus on this fat piece of shit!" Kai practically commanded them, "Listen! If you hit any other point of the body with magic he'll absorb it and use it to heal himself!" Where was this knowledge coming from? Am I just spewing what I'm guessing would be effective?... No, this feels like I... Actually know it, "But first get rid of the armored plating he has at those points or you won't be able to do SHIT!"

The head of gluttony that took on Lucifer's form changed to the same appearance as the other head and roared angrily in the cavern, enraged by Kai's last tidbit of advice to the others.

Kai merely smirked, the same smirk he always did when he was alive.

Kazuki Akaiito Kagamiya... Isaac Garcia... No, now I remember.

Kai reached for the chain which he had been wearing that he swiped back from Drake sometime during the journey and looked down at the stained silver cross in his hand.

My name is...


"Enoch," Kai slowly nodded as he broke the chain free from his neck and brought the cross to his lips and kissed it. Then with his remaining strength he broke his arm free from Gluttony's hold and tossed it high into the air. Kai watched as the metal glittered in the air above and closed his eyes.

"Uncle!" Drake called out. Beelzebub was now zoning in on Kai, mouth open and ready to bite off whatever it could. And most likely kill him. Again.

"Goodbye Josh, looks like I'll never see you again in the end... Even in the afterlife," Kai said barely louder than a whisper.

"Release him!" Maya fired off a stream of raw magic at Beelzebub's chest, causing the giant to stagger slightly. Finir's attack struck in the same spot, and seemed to slightly weaken the giant.

"Same to you, Vanessa... And my beloved arch angels whom I just remembered now... everything from those wars so long ago."

Beelzebub swiped everyone away with a shockwave from a stomp of his foot, making most of the more lightweight group members on the ground tumble over.

"And to you, too, my creator..." Kai slowly opened his eyes and glared right at Beelzebub, whose open maw was ready to take his head off, "Looks like I'll be waltzing with you in hell, Lucifer!" Kai grinned one final time as he met his end... Round two.

I'm sorry, Toysa.




Drake kicked back onto his feet. That sound of bone crunching could only be one thing. Well, it could be many things but this kid was thinking of the most likely thing to happen; his uncle got killed a second time around. He didn't even know what to think or how to react, but he said something pretty badass before kicking the bucket a second time. Anyways, now he was pissed, and he wanted to get out of this f*cking tree. The teen cracked his knuckles and wiped the blood and sweat from his brow.

"... Rest in peace..." Bianca managed to say, "The points where mana flows in the body... Yes, it's all coming back now."

"You piece of SHIIIIT!" Drake jumped up and spun kick Beelzebub in his god damn face. The beast lost its balance and not only released the body within his grasp, but also went toppling down to the ground. As Beelzebub dropped so did the spiritual form of his uncle into the waters... But the teen would rather not think of that.

Suddenly all the mana in the room began to grow thin and gather around Beelzebub. For whatever reason it was it couldn't be good... Right?

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