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Originally Posted by Ayumi
Did you any of you actually try this yet?

I want some opinions on your first impression, if possible.
Well, I know the question wasn't refering to me, but I can add on to what I already said. Personally I think the game really starts getting more vast is around lvl 30. Which is when I was able to pick a 2nd class and to go into dungeons. I can't really play any dungeons until more people play so I sort of been holding off at lv 30. Even though its generic im strangely addicted to the game...there is a english site for the game. Even though there is no news of a closed beta for it, or even a company hosting the possible english version. It has coming soon for germany, united states and ect so I expect a english version and a few others this year or later.

What amazes me the most is how it keeps my atention while soloing(probably incouraged because of the voices) it has great promise for party play with the duel-class system.

EDIT:just really thought of this now @Riolu er...personally i hate how the characters look in flyff i see what you mean, but in my opinion the characters in this game look a lot cuter o3o the game really was focusing on making everything look "cute" more than anything.

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