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IGN: Look behind you and ask them.

I went with Sense because I liked the idea of a "smart" type of class. When most other games use Int or Wis as something magic-related, the idea that a class could get by on its wit and intuition alone blew me away.

Even Stone Strike's initial description (analyzing the enemy's weakpoint to deliver a devastating blow) was amazing. Lions got to make stuff, and Foxes explored excavations.

I settled on Fox because first, it's a Fox. Second, her purse has infinite room inside (probably from an ancient artifact she found on her archaeological digs). Third, because nothing is as awesome as challenging someone by slamming your purse/sling/whatever into the ground. Fourth, because she was mature and classy for her age (say what you will about third job clothing; if Cat were wearing that, all you'd see is "skank". Fox still looks as classy as ever).