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What I don't get is what he's expecting... Does he think that someone here is going to respond and say "Oh yeah, sorry, here's the cheat codes to give you every S rank and make you be instantly good at playing them" or what?

Oh man I remember playing games where you could never beat the last boss without the above because it was so impossibly hard xD.

Back to actual questions and stuff though... When you guys go mission grinding, do you get a team of friends together or do you just join a random room?

After scrolling through pages of locked expert missions and joining a room, I often get met with either:
a) 有王媽?
b) Fail mission within 20 seconds =P... Because not everyone is going to have the right stuff.

(Just talking expert missions here. I don't bother with easy because jumping seems faster.)

TLDR : I'm not asking HOW to do a mission, as I know theres heaps of guides on how to complete them, but I'm more asking how do you even find a decent room?

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