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Yes, those global skills really seem useful! I know i could need some charm skills

Parudy, thanks for the screenshots and info! I wasn't talking about you when i said some people troll for the old stuff!
It's the same way others troll for the new stuff, always wishfully thinking that new = better.

And point #3 and #4 on your list are so intriguing, especially #3 and skills from cards directly, that seems so interesting!

Old memories

You asked for them Parudy ^^
Found this minimap, ooh the memories haha. Altough the starting zones were so different and so many of them, something like a garden with bushes cutout like drills (like in SE forest), a lonely beach, a ship. I also remember Ghost Blue for noobies, and talking for hours in mycamps and partying 'till we dropped dead (or we were healed by friendly dragons). also equips like that matryoshka doll for noobs, haha, relaxing times!

You know, i kinda grew up with trickster too, and i always love to come here for my childhood memories. Although i now play other stuff more + i don't agree on all the ways current Trickster is going, it still is a special game for me too.
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