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should of saw that coming...i always tend to be too nice when i write about mmos like this, i tend to sugercoat it too much, also, when i say voices...i do mean stuff like shouts and grunts and ect, i mean actual VA like in dragon nest and ect o3o but is really popular...has like 3 differnt hosters...2 of them for the same language and version x-x...but i really dont like the repeative npcs, there are some origonal npcs but just a few like the knights and old people XD

also, yay got a reply =w= thought this would be just one of those ignored threads, well anyways, im just trying to make this game known a little bit. it hasnt really been known much to the english community even though there is no region block and game mechanics and be figured out through trial and error.

i really hope the NA version comes soon or at all...

EDIT:just noticed it, nice raven sig XD (he is going to be out in NA version next week woohoo!)