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Smile Past Trickster

Well, this thread is dedicated to the Trickster that once was.

It isn't a rant, or bring back (insert item/skill/zone) type of thread or a new trickster is (insert bad word here), those just get into trolling and flaming. And there are a LOT of them already.

Here we just post screenshots or stuff about things that once were, now they aren't anymore on Trickster Online.

I'll start with something nobody saw on eTO. It's the old Megalopolis and old Oops!

So, without further ado

Old megalopolis and old oops mini-maps


Old Megalopolis city center. It was a building of the Broadcasting Company. Secondly, a Card Girl shop in one of the corners of the town. You can see there were 2 of them in the left and right parts of the town.
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