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DIVINA seems to be a pretty popular MMO in japan and I see why, it has a few things that makes it stand out. Like for example, unlike most MMOs, in character creation you can select a voice for your character ranging from cute to serious.

The look at the game in general is light-hearted and has adorable characters. The only downside is with the NPCs, they are mostly just random custimizations of characters and equipment, I don't blame them though considering it has 1.8GB worth of content.

There is a large range of mounts based on the monsters, and it has a nice pet(SoulMate) system. Even if you don't know japanese you can probably get through most of the quest by using google translate on the wiki for the game. The wiki has a lot of information and it gives you a good idea of how much content the game really has.

It has a duel-class system with which you can change your class just by pressing "z" this can be done at anytime, even during battle. Even though it isn't avaliable until lv 30. There is news about this game being released in NA sometime in december but I am not 100% sure.

I myself haven't gotten far into the game considering im not even lv 30 yet. Im really glad I learned how to make a clan, just need to learn how to add people...

Aside from that, as far as gameplay goes, its a pretty decent speed, as monk and thief you can kill at a really fast pace. I have had little experience with any of the other classes so I cannot give more information about that. Here is a gameplay video of the ninja class for my horrible explination. ^^"

If you want fast paced gameplay, I would say ninja or monk would be the best classes to pick so far. I tried fighter a bit, it was a little slow and took too much damage considering the rate of killing. Or mayble I was just bad with the class. XD

Here is a picture example of my character.

Im trying to expand the community since to me this game is worth it. Here is a link to it's site - Link

I have also created a guild for english players, I think it will be very helpful in the long run, you can check it out here - Link The site still needs to be fixed up though, it was recently made. The guild is in-game also, since I accidently found the clan creation quest, so it turned out well in the end.

Feel free to ask any questions about it, and general discussion about the game can be here also. (i pray there isn't already a thread on this site for this game, all that i typed for nothing XD)

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