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Awesome post, thank you! Tried the conditioner-on-body thing earlier on today, though I used Aqueous Cream since that's somewhat oily too o 3o

As for the washing hair thing, my dad's always told me to apply a little bit of shampoo to my hair, then washing it out, then applying more shampoo and lathering it and stuff. The first application gets rid of all the dirt, and supposedly with the 2nd application you won't have to use as much shampoo? Dunno why it's my dad telling me this stuff rofl =o=

Aaaaaand thought I'd share a tip :3 An easy and homemade facial scrub -- using coffee grounds~

A thread on another forum I read said to use honey + coffee grounds, or even facial moisturizer + coffee grounds. Apparently it doesn't matter whether or not the coffee's straight from the packet or from the pot o-o so you can try those ^^ I've tried both the honey and moisturizer mixtures myself, but not with coffee grounds from the packet.

I personally added a bubzbeauty tip (honey + water + olive oil) -- coffee grounds (from the pot) + honey + little bit of olive oil. I use the coffee grounds from the pot -- there's some water in that xD
Water + honey will cause a chemical reaction, giving you Hydrogen Peroxide (you can bleach your hair with honey + water in a 1:6 ratio :V) the olive oil 'improves' (lack of better words orz) the Hydrogen Peroxide production if I remember correctly. (adding the olive oil will better the bleaching of your hair too xD)

But yeah, the coffee itself has a bunch of benefits too, which tbh I was too lazy to read in-depth lol. Although apparently if you apply it to your body, it'll reduce the appearance of stretch marks ;O and lift your skin/reduce the appearance of eyebags and stuff 8D;;

/my 2 cents