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Originally Posted by Broken
foxes had an Era :/
Back then... closed/beginning of open beta. With no 2nd jobs D:

but i agree... Foxes do get shafted alot. Sense types in general, while the already strong types get one godly attack after another. lol

I miss those days. Foxes weren't popular because of some ego-fulfilling "I'ma switch chars every five hours" type thing. We were heroes. We gave hackers the finger (boss rooms), dug better, comped better, and if our skills happened to hit, they did superior damage for that time. Foxes reigned less of the competitive scene and more of the community scene. People weren't necessarily switching over to Foxes because of these advantages, but even if you weren't a Fox, you respected them. I never picked my Fox for these reasons, but as I played through beta, I learned that these were the reasons that Foxes were doing well, and they only made me like my class more.

Now, we can't really boss, you might as well ask the Cyber Hunter next to us to comp, you might as well drill yourself, and Thief Masters extend protection to you but just stand there and hope for--screw killing--just hitting something.

Sense has the stats for critting and blocking; Coons got anti-crit. No biggie, no biggie. Then, Bunnies got Guard. Okay....

I was still optimistic. After all, I had my imagination.

Awhile back, I thought it would be cool to have a magic-based Stone Strike for Thief Masters. Factors in DA and MA, accuracy based on LK, and there could be some Thief Master elemental buffs that allow you to turn the skill into a specific element for an allotted time, and using an additional elemental buff canceled the initial element. I wouldn't have even cared if the skill was no stronger than Shuriken Master and had 15 second cooldown. Just the idea of knowing that I had a skill that had over 70% chance of hitting (given the fact that it's usually not even 20%) would have been enough. I'd have shut up. I even gave the skill a name at that time--Ether Strike.

So, imagine my surprise when this patch hits us left field, shows that my idea wasn't so outlandish, but lands on a class who needs it the least. Support was a concept that should have been explored with Mages; now they're getting it. Why are we getting these Support buffs? Frankly, rather than them not being able to find a use for us, they just don't want to.

Also, add in this era where every non-Sense class seems to be providing some sort of damage protection or consequence. Sumo Suit, Guard, Super Hips, Bodyguard, Dark Barrier, Light Shield, Shield of Heaven, even the Blessings (to some extent). Buffalos will eventually get a reverse Beserk (whether it's useful remains to be seen), and Light Mages will eventually extend their protection to their partymates. Wind Mages will eventually teleport, Earth Mages will eventually cast Demi, Water Mages will eventually mass freeze, Lightning Mages already mass stun and can DoT well with speedy attacks, and Fire Mages get to fall back on the future of earth (which I hope will be good) or lightning (which is already pretty good). Gunners, with a little protection, still have their speed, and they even have an anti-anti-movement speed buff. Not to mention the ability (whether it's practical or not) to hit any monster in-game ignoring its resistances.

I'm not even concerned with whether or not the other classes are overpowered. I don't think they are. I think there are those on top at the moment, but each other class except for Thief Master, in some capacity, can compete in one way or another, in some aspect of this game. All we do is sit on the sidelines and provide party buffs so that everyone else can have fun ("Lightning Rod pls" "Gas Mask pls" "Aura plzzzzzzzzzz"). Rather than being overpowered, every other class is stepping their game up. Given the track record for skills that the Fox path has gotten recently, nothing is up to snuff.

But you guys go on and debate how your classes are or are not getting screwed over for three to four months at a time. I'll just sit here and eat my popcorn and look at the entertainment, because whether you say it or not, it's become commonplace thought that Foxes don't matter, and we will never see a thread that talks about how good the Fox side of things has it; instead, we'll get written off as being ungrateful for our "superior" drilling capabilities, when no one has had a real reason to stick a drill in the ground ever since Ultimate Equips came out.

Coming In September: "Buffalos and Sheep Are Overpowered" threads.