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Originally Posted by jungie
Im sorry to sound noobish.. but will there be any new spells for Soul Masters? any upgrades for them? I keep hearing that light witches overpowers Soul Masters. I always wanted to make my sheep SM but now im not so sure if not go for witch lol. So any news about SM upgrades? lol
Should've asked in the Magic-Types section, but since I have an SM and a Light Wiz, I think I can answer that. Soul Masters are godsend in PvM *coughstaffofthundercough* but they need to stack up on DP and HP to be able to train in the popular maps. For bossing, Soul Masters can actually be better than Light Mages if you have the right EQs and the Space/Territory blessing correspondent to your type. Light Mages, on the other hand, are easier to play around with. They are one of the types who have their Attack power directly proportional to their survivability, since SoH's HP relies on MA. Other such types include Raccoons (Power Charging, Impelling Rage) and Cats (Siren Song, Impelling Rage). If you could get a high amount MA while still getting a decent deal of DP and HP, I highly suggest you go Fire/Elec Soul Master. They're very fun to use XD
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