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Originally Posted by Xpecial
^Had that been the case, all this wouldn't be up for debate. Evidence (and even people from Bush's own cabinet) hints at Bush starting the war not for "eliminating terrorists" but for his own personal reasons.
So you think he shouldn't go in there. You think the terrorists should have time to do nothing and plan on how to attack us again. EDIT: Yeah it was a personal reason, they attacked America, if you've forgotten. And attacking one's country is getting pretty personal.

Originally Posted by Medoria
Did you just... imply that bush is in his right mind?

Hi, we are America and we are super arrogant, someone bullied us so we are going to wildly accuse everyone, lie to the american people about so called threats and we'll give it a fancy name like "War on Terror" because who wants to be the one that -doesn't- support the war on terror.
Much like the "war on drugs" it hasn't helped crap.

Being a military brat myself and having both my parents go to war (nam and operation restore hope respectively)- i can still in full confidence say that Bush and his administration have misled the american public and brought us into a "war" on those lies. Not to mention that countless of our youth have died for this war that many do not even support. Do you know how depressing it is to go to your high school reunion and find that a bunch of people you graduated with died in Iraq before they even got out of college?

My vote is with Obama. Pull out our troops, invest in the american people, universal health care, etc, I'm all for it.
Ok, the reason why we're there may have been false but hey, I don't think you need a reason to go to war with a group of people that attacked your homeland. Do you?
Did you know that we still have troops in Germany? The point is, you don't just pull all the troops, there will probably always be troops in Iraq/Afghanistan. And, here's my opinion, if we were to pull our troops that would be about the dumbest thing we could do. Just think, the terrorists wouldn't have anyone opposing them. They'd be able to do w/e they want basically, and eventually, if we leave them alone long enough, they'll think of an very destructive way to attack America. I mean after all, these are people who HATE us. They won't leave us alone if we leave them alone. They will continue to do all in they're power to KILL us.
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