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Since the gravity around Beelzebub was getting pretty high, it was best, Finir thought, that he would strike from a far distance.

But first thing was first...

Finir got himself out of his spiked ice ball and resealed the opening. He latched one chain along one of the spikes, iced it over and then dropped down to the floor. Chain flail time.

The azure dragon began to spin the huge flail over his head around and around until it had enough velocity. He leaped and spun forward to fling the flail upward toward Beelzebub's side. As insurance, Finir followed up with consecutive ice blasts from his maw to allow the flail to keep its speed, as well as add to its mass.

And, bam! Direct hit! A few of the spikes lodged in within the crevices of Beelzebub's scales!

Alright! Now, to make it explode...!

The azure dragon began to root himself down in his spot on all fours. He opened his maw, and began to charge up an ice blast ready to hit the flail for spectacular icy blast!

If this could phase Fortunata in the past, I'm sure it could be useful against this fat ass.

This would take some time to charge...

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