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Although Ania was holding extremely tightly onto Beelzebub's arm, it was all for nought when the heinous creature began to flail its arms in rage. The first swing was enough to send the dragon girl flying down, crashing into a rocky pillar and then falling to the ground. She let out a pain-filled roar as she hit the cold ground. Her entire body was sore from the shock, but she managed to raise her head and prop herself up with her two front limbs.

"God damnit- Arrghhhh!!"

Ania slipped and fell back to the ground as she felt a searing pain in her chest area. She had cracked at-least three ribs; her scales were heavily damaged on her side, enough that blood was trickling out in various areas. She extended her neck to look back further, and saw that two of her hind legs which lined her right side were also quite damaged, the bones probably broken as well. She was in pretty bad shape, to say the least. She was a sitting duck in this crazy mess, so she managed to get up, and started to limp awkwardly to get out out of the crossfire. However it seemed she wasn't fast enough, because Beelzebub's freshly cut, gigantic arm, fell over her. It crushed her, leaving only her head and two front limbs uncovered.

She let out a pained cry, which faded into a weak whimper. Ania was, to begin with, not very strong physically, and all these blows to her body were quickly getting too much to handle.

Boris had also lost his grip because of Beelzebub's frantic flailing, but he had landed rather safely, a fair distance behind him. All the commotion was starting to destabilize him, so he took a brief moment to assess what he should do next..Unfortunately, it was a brief moment to many, as in that time Beelzebub had ensnared Theodoro. All he could do was watch as the terrible beast devoured the poor angel... He couldn't help but feel slightly about this, but what is done is done. He quickly snapped out of it however, once he heard the injured cry of someone dear to him: his daughter.

“Ania!” He shouted as he flew swiftly over Beelzebub, down to where the girl was trapped. The wave of dark magic that the hellish beast produced had slowed him down some, but it was nothing compared to what it had done to Ania. She was tired, and the magic made her feel even more weak and exhausted. Her head was bobbing, struggling to stay awake and to somehow crawl out of under this gigantic dismembered arm.

“D-Dad.. Sorry, I messed up..” Her voice sounded quite frail, and there was the sound of a slight gargle at the end of her sentence.. Was it her mouth that was bleeding or.. her insides..?

Boris said nothing, and did not even look at her. He instead grabbed bit hard on the discarded arm's thumb, and lifted the giant weight off Ania by flying up in the air. Once it was off, he let it drop to the other side. Once he uncovered his daughter, he couldn't help but hiss when he saw the pitiful condition it was in. He flew back down and lifted her carefully, and then made his way as quickly as he could to the nearest “safe” spot. It just so happened to be where Emilio and Finir where.

“I'm sorry to bother you, Emilio.. But try to take care of her, or at the very least make sure she doesn't try to jump in.” Boris said as he gently laid Ania behind the two.

“Thank you.. I'm sorry I-” Ania's faint voice was interrupted by her father's stern grunt.

“Silence. I'll yell at you for this later...” He said, simply.

With that, he reverted back to his demonic form. His body was lightly bruised, but nothing compared to Ania's. Boris nodded a brief good-bye at them as he drew his sword. He started to walk slowly towards Beelzebub, fixing his gaze upon the heinous beast. He then bit into the fleshy base of his sword, infusing it with a strong venom which caused it to glow. As he picked up his pace, he waved his left hand over the weapon; it began to extend, and stopped once it reached an extra two feet. The blade was now sharper as well... It seemed he knew a bit of earth magic as well, at the very least to modify his own weaponry.

Suddenly, Boris began to sprint towards Beelzebub, holding on to his cutlass tightly. He'd had quite enough of this disgusting, evil being. It was time to go all out.

Once she saw her father bolt, Ania managed to turn her head stlightly towards Emilio. Her voice was weak, and gradually faded into a whimper.

“.. E-Emilio.. if you can somehow use whatever.. magical energy I have left, please do.. I want to help, and otherwise, I'm completely useless..”
The girl had never felt so ashamed and helpless in her entire life, and she loathed this feeling.
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