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LaTale is like your typical Korean Grind.

Earning money is piss easy in this game. Those who complain about it being "hard" merely have the attention span of 5 year olds and aren't willing to grind on a boss for what, 2-4 hours.

Before you complain 2-4 hours is too much in your schedule, I suggest you not play a Korean Grinding MMO, because wasting all your time on it is the norm.

You really don't need money until level 110+, so any complaints about not having enough money means you need to stop wasting money on overpriced and useless crap and start grinding.

There's a few grinding guides out there, they're great.
Generally do Quests until 30~, then grind on Spooky(Ask around in game, it's pretty useful, because most people are friendly)

About that comment on "I hate to start games with noob char", everyone started out as a beginner, you gotta start out the same place. There's no "powerleveling" until around 140~, I mean it's possible at lower levels but not as efficient as just grinding on your own.

Feel free to ask anyone questions, most people are very friendly towards answering questions. Actually begging them to help do stuff is another issue altogether.