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"Don't give in just yet!"

Finir jolted at the sudden shout.

"'Just yet?' Why would we ever give up against a corrupt government, child?" The first general of Ploshast's Earth Elites growled. "This Oracle b**ch has a hasty and spoiled heart, which in turn affected our government -- going as far as tampering with the citizen's food supply! To Hell if we're giving in!"

"That's right, Finir," The third general of the Wind Elites hissed with her spear in hand, "We would never even think of failing Queen Tiamat. Someone having the audacity to resurrect her into something destructive and all-consuming will not succeed. As a people, we will not allow it!"

"Her actions show a lack of will," The second Fire Elite general bellowed, a great axe held over his shoulder, "Even if she were to succeed, she wouldn't be able to control Tiamat. She may be powerful, but once that abomination would be released, she'd be the first to go."

"She's one heart and one will," The first Water Elite stated, holding her staff firmly, "But we are many hearts and wills that are ready to die for Tiamat. She commanded us that we be steadfast and enduring til the very last breath. That is true willpower, Finir. Giving in will only cut our lives short, leaving unfulfilled duties and false promises."

"...All of you are right," the azure dragon said, "Things have been pretty rough up to this point, and this is our final offensive. There should be no more room for doubt. We're going to overcome this. As a community, attacking as one."

"Then let's get to it, shall we?" The First Earth general huffed with anticipation.

Finir chuckled to himself. It was certainly a pleasant reminder of how difficult it truly was to take down that Oracle back home. She was overwhelmingly powerful, indeed. But she still died:

"Everything has a weakness! It's just this thing is even tougher to beat then everything else you've faced before!"

That statement couldn't be truer.

"...Let's kill this bastard."

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