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Forte is on a distinguished road
IGN: Shu / Forte / TrueHarmony
Class: 13f3f24f
Level: 13f13f2dwec
Guild: h2yl

I'd like to apply with the purpose of improving and learning things in general, so put me at trainee level.

IGN: TrueHarmony
Preferred name: Vince
Preferred suit type: Any / Learning m0d3
Rank: Bronze Diamond
Playing Style: I want to be flexible so I'll just learn whatever is imposed on me
Time Zone: EST (GMT+10) (Location: Melbourne, Australia)
Playing times: EST 11am - 9pm which is TW 9am - 7pm
Additional information: Will be less active when university starts, which is next week (if needed I can post list of times for that as well). Also when recitals are coming up I may also be less active due to practice =/

Hope this is enough xD