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Originally Posted by AoSora
you play rather well from what i recall actually, but we autoslot anyone who doesn't know melee techniques as a trainee, simply because, even for paper, melee techniques are essential for conserving boost and positioning

playing level, idk, our levels within the clan fluctuate dramatically within ranks, and often overlap XD

(we're not even a week old, so the organization isn't perfect yet, sorry~)

though i can say that you worked well with your team (essential skill that many players lack)

oh also, i wans't so much paying attention to the enemy team (you guys) as I was paying attention to the locations of where my teammates went XD

in some matches, i was screaming my head off in team chat saying "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS OVER THERE ADSKFJASKDFJAKSDJFKASDJFKASDJFKASDJFKASJDF" XD
Thanks for the views, now I can confirmed that I have 1 redeeming point when I play SDGO, teamwork. Well, using melee to counter or saving boost is something I did often, but melee skills like MCA is always out of reach for me.

And yeah I do agree that at times I got confuse as why 1 or 2 of your teammates went rogue against 4 of us when the other 2-3 was holding up. I almost could never get past you to hunt Reva unless my team was there to distract you.

Originally Posted by sapphirearcz
he is hinting he want to join ur guild, he is a typical tsundere
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