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"Geez, not like you can do much with that thing anyway..."

Leht rummaged through his pockets, finding few tools and miscellaneous objects. He'd have to rely on his weapons and magic for this beast.

"Everything has a weakness! It's just this thing is even tougher to beat then everything else you've faced before!"

Leht patted Bianca on her shoulder, "There's no rule that says you need to have a weakness you know, if you're expecting a weakness for everyone, you're going to regret it. Like now." He thought about attempting to nab the lance again, but he figured there was a good chance she'd die in this fight, so he can grab it then. No one would complain...probably.

In response to the increase of gravity, Leht countered with his own gravity spell, negating the effects for himself. Spotting Fortunata having a magic-fight with an ally, Leht would go for her instead. Sure was better odds than a super monster. While her attention was to Ludo, Leht shot a few fireballs at her, aiming for the wings.

The increase in gravity was a minor distraction to Theresia, she didn't mind the effects on herself, as her armors could still move freely. Bianca's short speech did not provide any comfort, and was still uneasy about the outcome of this battle. She was convinced that it was very likely everyone would be slaughtered. It wasn't completely hopeless though, and that's what she based her resolve on.

Even if the odds are stacked, if there's any chance we can win and prevent further's worth the effort!

Theresia's armors charged towards Beelzebub, ready to rend flesh and crush bones.