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IGN: Nasu Kha
Class: Carpenter lt_knight
Level: 60
Guild: Rapscallions
Xfire: glarbage

As the beast roared, Rune was blasted off of the creature's back, his bat still lodged deep in its flesh. He landed in a heap, hitting neck first into a large stone. As he lay on his back pondering the meaning of life, he heard someone shout:

Everyone jump if you wanna live!

Feeling a bit... paralyzed at the moment, he took the next best option he could. He completely transformed into his true form, hoping that his leathery hide would be enough to protect him from whatever the hell was coming.

Anna, now flying in the air, watched in horror as flames and spikes burst up from the ground below, enveloping her father in their midst. She was speechless. W-what? What happened?!

As she tried to get closer in an attempt to save the man, she started getting singed by the magical flames. It's no good, they're burning too high.

She flew at what felt like the speed of sound, over to where her uncle was clinging to the wall. "They... he... w-..." she incomprehensibly mumbled as she found a place to hold onto for herself, a glazed-over look in her eyes.

It stinks like ass in here now.

"It's starting to smell like your room, Drake, said a muffled telepathic message sent to all of the party.

In a shock, the color returned to Anna's face and she started turning her head like an owl in an attempt to see where the words came from. In a few moments she saw, on the opposite wall, a burning man-beast crawling up from the fire, slowly transforming completely into a human form. She was relieved at first, until she noticed something: two large spikes were driven through his body -- one through the stomach, and one through the chest. She tried to hold back tears... Or was it vomit? In this smoke, it could very well be both.

Also did you see that ginger? He just went up and dived into that beast's mouth! That's f*cked!

"I sure as hell can't say anything about that, Rune telepathically said to Kai, I was inside of Leviathan not too long ago.

As the spells were called off, Rune didn't budge. His daughter frantically moved to him to see what could be done. The closer she got to him, however, the more she realized how dire the situation really was. The man was bloodied, and burned to a crisp and beyond. Looking around for anything she could use for a bandage, Anna noticed her father's bag up above, wedged in the rock-face of the wall. "You manage to get your bag up there," she mumbled, "But you can't manage to protect yourself?!"

She instinctively swung forward to strike the man, until she saw a smile on his otherwise ruined face. She froze mid-swing, and upon dropping her arm back to her side, said, "Do you... have any first-aid stuff in that back of yours?"

"Nope!" Rune replied with the same shit-eating grin.

"Figures," Anna said with a grin like her dad's, "So what'll we--"

In an instant, images began to flicker before their eyes.

As he watched the seas rising higher along the walls of the citadel, a lone man couldn't help but ponder. "Should I call the Dread Lord and inform the people of what's happening?" he said to himself, "...Or should I take this as my moment to escape this life of servitude once and for all?"

In a few moments, the tower itself went crashing down into the depths of the sea. The people who lived within the tower, unable to swim, became entombed in their undersea graves. In the horizon, a lone soul flies to freedom.

A traitor to his people, his lord and his brethren curse him as they sink into the sea, where they curse him from the grave even to this day.

"Ah... so this is the fate of a traitor..." the battered man spoke softly, "I can't say I don't deserve it..."

A child sat in her room, playing quietly with her toy trains. It was certainly a peaceful scene... However, in a flash of light, the room was on fire, and the serene peace that had existed only moments before had been destroyed. An angel, stained with blood, now stood over the child. As it went to strike a killing blow, two cubi rushed in front of the child and took the brunt of the attack, dying on the spot. Those two were her parents.

In her fear, the child let out a blood-curdling cry. The angel dropped to its knees, and blood burst from its ears, almost like a geyser. It flopped onto its side, dead on the spot. As the smoke was getting to the child she began to quiet down, possibly due to the lack of oxygen. Soon enough, a man-beast came through the window, grabbed the child, and flew out.

"Wh-what is this?" Anna spoke, dumbfounded at what she had seemingly repressed.

"That's how we met... Rune weakly sent a mental message, "That child is you."

"I... see..." she sat confused for a moment, "Oh well, the past is the past. They did their best for me, and you've done your best for me too... Now it's time for me to return the favor."

"Just... Take it easy, alright?" Anna told her father, "I'd try to carry you to a safer place, but I don't know exactly what all happened to you. I don't want to hurt you any worse than you already are... Just try to hide behind something, please..."

"Hhhhhh... Fine, fine..." the broken, frustrated man mentally replied, I'll just hide behind this rock over here."

As soon as she saw Rune was resting behind the stone, Anna turned to see another horrid sight. The beast Beelzebub was flailing about, adjusting the gravity on a whim. The gravity on herself was lightened severely, and as she began floating into the air, she looked at the rock her father was behind. "I sure as hell hope he'll be alright back there," she muttered.


"Hmm?" Anna turned back to see something she wished she had missed.

Beelzebub began butchering the angel, going so far as to rip his wings clean off. The creature then began talking to Kai. "I've really got no idea what's going on here," Anna said to herself, "It looks like some kind of mental torture though."

Sure enough it was. The weapon that Kai had used to cut the beast up before had vanished into nothingness, and he mumbled something that Anna couldn't quite catch. Then she heard something pretty startling:


That horrid laugh was followed by the sounds of crunching, as Beelzebub ate the body of Teodoro. What the ****?! Regardless of him being on my team, that's disgusting! Who the **** just eats somebody?

As Anna managed her way up and over to Rune's bag, she pulled a few goodies from it. A pair of sunglasses, a pack of cigarettes, and a sword. Upon touching the sword, another vision flashed before her eyes. Soon enough, she knew the legend behind this blade. Alexander the Great's sword... The one he used to cut the Gordian knot, huh? God damn dad, what the hell else have you packed in this bag?!

As she gave her dad one last glance, she saw that he was unconscious. "It's probably better that way," she said to no one in particular.

"Shut up already!" Anna heard Bianca shout.

Dammit, I need to quit thinking to myself, I keep missing what's going on.

Bottling her emotions, she made her way over to Bianca, who, despite being beaten up herself, was still managing to stand ready to go another round. "You're really something, you know that?" Anna said as she put on the sunglasses and lit up a smoke, "Now, let's beat his ass."

She drew the legendary sword, prepared to fight. No enchantments, no multiples. Just straight on ass-beating from here on out.