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Originally Posted by teacloud
Character name: djandjanskf I still need to make one ;__;

Desired pony: Sweetie Belle c:

When are you expected to be online?: A lot. It's summer! Although I'll be taking classes from 6am-6pm four days of the week, so I'll be on pretty late. Pacific time.

[anything else you want to say?]
I saw this on the nightly roundup and I went crazy. I haven't touched this game in nearly a year (since all my friends quit!), but seeing this post made me go download the game again. I'll have a character by tomorrow!
Welcome. (: I'll cross you off for Sweetie Belle. Just let me know your name once you make a character.

Originally Posted by Gaap
Well howdy girl! Looks like Equestria Daily has picked up your guild recruitment in a Nightly Bit!

Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #40

(Dude. My Applejack accent is so fail.)
I asked them to post about it, it's awesome that they did. I really hope more people see it and come here. The accent is better what I could do, partner.

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